Philip Morris Accuses Steven Moffat of Sexist Policy, “Uber Fans” Running Show, More


Philip Morris has spoken at length on Facebook and Twitter over the past two days on a variety of subjects, not least Steven Moffat’s running of the show, accusing the current Showrunner of sexism and running an “old boys” network alongside some strong words and opinions directed at fellow users on social media.

Morris, who’s words on the 1st were excellently recapped by Rich Johnson over at Bleeding Cool was solely responsible for beginning the rumour that Anthony Horowitz was in the frame to replace the head honcho as well as the revelation that The Moff had news of The Web of Fear‘s return leaked to him prior to writing The Snowmen.

Today however the focus was solely on the performance of the current series and Steven Moffat, with Phil taking umbrage with ratings:

“As a fan ..I want the people who would never watch get onboard .I want higher ratings we should be beating x factor… First episode of Dr who was beaten by bake off second by x factor do not include I player please… Dr who should be going for a mainstream audience not pandering to the fan boys and ubers.”

Of course The X-Factor is regularly the top rated show in the United Kingdom and only aired for 15 minutes against Into the Dalek, during which time Doctor Who maintained it’s audience. Despite Mr Morris insisting that iPlayer not be included in these statistics, most mainstream views would recognise that timeshiftimg and views via non-traditional methods of delivery are the way forward for television and that the 9.17m audience for Deep Breath, plus a further 500,000 more in cinemas and 2.2m in the United States can only be considered a success.

Mr Morris also laid into so-called “Uber fans” running the show:

“I Think Dr Who is existing on its past its not the biggest drama sorry the dame tired old ideas same small group of uber fans running it. Dr who has become total fantasy no rules .were is the drama .It only employs uber fans to its writing team”

He continues on, blaming “Uber fans” for “holding back the show” and a direct accusation of sexism toward Steven Moffat:

“I think the points this dr who is run by uber fans who will not let the show breath as any good drama .They are holding back the show it does not employ women which is the point of the post .I guess because there is sexism at work from the show runner… Its niche run by uber fan boys… im sorry I dont look at it as a fan I can take it or leave it.Its run by fans though with big egos who just wish to dig around the past”

While accusations of sexism have been rife against the show, Morris now suggests that the situation is in fact policy on the Doctor Who production team:

“the question is about just dr who and its current policy of not employing female writers”

And that he had, during the conversation, been E-Mailed by a writer who commented:

“Wow just got emailed by a female writer who was asked to write for Doctor who she says she turned it down I felt they didnt really want me and the people in question made me feel very uncomfortable”

He continues:

“however some of the writers I have spoken to say different paul and that steven Moffat wont employ anyone who isnt a who fan… I know quite a lot which I cant mention here or I will be in court for libel but sexism is at play here im afraid and more”

On John Nathan-Turner:

“If he had gone the show might have survived… The problem wasnt jnt really it was the people keeping him in a job he was a great light entertainment guy totally unsuitable to a drama like dr who .He should never have worked on the show”

And remembers a very different Children in Need than we do:

“Oh yes the farting planet for children in need say no more”

And even manages to offer gardening tips:

“Hi Paul dont patronise me mate I havent done it with you now go and water your flowers”

Following his Facebook session Mr Morris moved to Twitter where his observations continued unabated, missives now since deleted:

Matt_Paradise ‏@Matt_Paradise 5 mins

@archives1963 Stop playing games, Phil. It’s time to put up or shut up; you’re a disaster on social media.

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 3 mins

@Matt_Paradise sorry thats my decision

Matt_Paradise ‏@Matt_Paradise 7m

@archives1963 What are you trying to achieve with all this? You did a great job, but all the goodwill is going. Do you just crave attention?

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963

@Matt_Paradise I dont need you pal so go away

Matt_Paradise ‏@Matt_Paradise 6m

@archives1963 Typical egomaniac, can’t stand to hear anything but praise.

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 5 mins

@Matt_Paradise sorry pal but im not pandering to your I have a right you should I deserve

Matt_Paradise ‏@Matt_Paradise 3m

@archives1963 What do you need, Phil? A flow of constant praise?

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 2 mins

@Matt_Paradise I need nothing I dont ask for any praise hero worship nothing

Doctor Who Worldwide ‏@DrWhoWorldwide 10 mins

@archives1963 @anderscja @SteveMaggs Can you tell us why Enemy & Web were released in Oct 2013 if found prior to the writing of The Snowmen?

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 3 mins

@DrWhoWorldwide @anderscja @SteveMaggs who said they were only I know that

[Note: Morris had the day previously stated that news of the recovery “leaked” to Steven Moffat prior to The Snowmen]

Marc Webster ‏@marcwebbo3 11m

@archives1963 @DrWhoWorldwide @SteveHyden If you know something just bloody say so….all this rumours and hearsay could stop..pathetic

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 4 mins

@marcwebbo3 @DrWhoWorldwide @SteveHyden sorry thats none of your business

Marc Webster ‏@marcwebbo3 6m

@archives1963 @DrWhoWorldwide @SteveHyden …is or isnt any more….why pussy foot around the subject…its not a difficult question

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 5 mins

@marcwebbo3 @DrWhoWorldwide @SteveHyden not my problem pal I run a business I don’t wet nurse dr who fans ranting like I owe them get a life

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 5 mins

@marcwebbo3 @DrWhoWorldwide @SteveHyden none of your business pal go and water the plants

Graeme Williamson ‏@Lord_Graeme 24m

@archives1963 …but you’re pretty keen on the idea of Anthony (who has no history of writing for who) to take over as showrunner from…

Graeme Williamson ‏@Lord_Graeme 22m

@archives1963 … Moffat without ANY official statement from anyone. It just comes off as completely unprofessional and pathetic.

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 6 mins

@Lord_Graeme Its mind over matter i dont mind you dont matter

Philip Morris ‏@archives1963 6m

@Lord_Graeme get a life


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