Doctor who Legacy Debuts 8-Bit Story Bigger On The Inside


The popular Doctor Who mobile game Doctor Who: Legacy has unveiled it’s latest addition to an already phenomenal app – Bigger on the Inside, an in-game original storyline in gorgeous 8-bit!


The game, developed by Tiny Rebel Games in conjunction with developers Seed Studios, boasts over 80-hours of gameplay and has become arguably the most successful and well-known Doctor Who game of all time. With the game firmly established, Tiny Rebel have taken their ethos of giving fans something new on a regular basis to a whole new level with the addition of Bigger on the Inside.


Speaking to PC Mag, Susan Cummings tells of how the original storyline developed out of speaking to Nathan Skreslet of PixelWho fame, who provides the artwork for the new addition:

“As soon as I saw Nathan’s work, it captured my imagination and I knew I had to create something great around it,”

With a prologue already available, the next chapter of the story will be available later this month and promises an adventure deep into the TARDIS with all 13 incarnations of the Time Lord.

The expansive story will see individual arcs for the 10th, 1st, 4th, 9th and War doctors, but they all will have their own chance to face up against the mastermind behind the plot which they’re trapped in!

Tiny Rebel say:

“The full story of “Bigger on the Inside” will encompass over 100 new levels of gameplay and it will be released episodically.  The first episode, the prologue, which released on 3/25/2015, is entirely free and all costumes drop 100% on successful completion of level!  Subsequent episodes in this optional (but awesome) side story will have a modest charge.  Please note that while we love to keep everything possible within this game free, we have tripled our content over the last year and if we’re to continue our meteoric growth, we need the support of our players!  So we do hope you will unlock and enjoy the rest of the pixel adventure of “Bigger on the Inside” and also, that you will consider unlocking the Fan Area if you have not yet done so!”

Doctor Who: Legacy is available now on iOS, Android, Kindle and Facebook


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