Tenth Doctor Costume Pack Now Available for LittleBigPlanet 3


Now you can regenerate into the Tenth Doctor as David Tennant comes to LittleBigPlanet 3, available exclusively through the Playstation Store!

Containing an assortment of popular Doctors, companions and villains from that have travelled from across time and space to land on LittleBigPlanet, the Tenth Doctor pack joins the recently released Twelfth and Eleventh Doctors.


The Twelfth Doctor pack includes:

Twelfth Doctor Costume
Clara Oswald Costume
Half Face Man Costume
Skovox Blitzer Costume
Dalek Costume (Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Costume Pack Exclusive)


The Eleventh Doctor pack includes:

Eleventh Doctor Costume
Amy Pond Costume
Silence Costume
Sontaran Costume
Weeping Angel Costume (Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Costume Pack Exclusive)


The Tenth Doctor pack, released today on the Playstation store, includes:

Tenth Doctor Costume
Rose Tyler Costume
Cyberman Costume
Ood Costume
TARDIS Costume (Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Costume Pack Exclusive)


Coming December 22, the Fourth Doctor pack, which will include:

Fourth Doctor Costume
Sarah Jane Smith Costume
Davros Costume
Nimon Costume
K-9 Costume (Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Costume Pack Exclusive)


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