The Multipurpose “Steven Moffat is a Sexist” News Template

In order to make the media’s criticism of Doctor Who and Sherlock easier, we’ve produced this handy news template to fill-in after each episode.

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Doctor Who/Sherlock [delete as applicable] lead writer Steven Moffat has been accused of misogyny after last night’s “confusing” episode of Doctor Who/Sherlock [Delete as applicable].

Users on Twitter reacted with outrage at the conclusion of the episode which starred Peter Capaldi/Benedict Cumberbatch [delete as applicable], saying that elements of the episode were sexist:

[Insert literally 3 Tweets here to use as examples of claims]

It is not the first time that Moffat has been accused of sexist overtones, with viewers left frustrated by the show’s plotting [under no circumstance give ratios of viewers/complainers]:

“Insert quote from random social media user here to explain the outrage, possibly from Tumblr”

[Sun, Daily Mail only: Insert picture of attractive female from show, nobody will notice the hypocrisy, trust us]

Fans of the series were also left confused by the episode, which was described as “overcomplicated” and “confusing”

[Insert 2 Tweets containing “confusing” and “#DoctorWho” or “#Sherlock”, use Twitter search function]

[Brief plot explanation, leave out anything that conflicts with the story]

When asked for a comment on the Twitter storm, the BBC said:

“Invent a quote from a “source” here, do not give a name so anybody can check”

[Daily Mail, Sun, Telegraph only: Make vague reference to the BBC licence fee]

Doctor Who/Sherlock [delete as applicable] continues [insert timeframe, vague details] on BBC One.


1 Comment on The Multipurpose “Steven Moffat is a Sexist” News Template

  1. See, it’s bullshit like this that makes it impossible to point out when something he’s written is genuinely sexist.


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