Shaun Evans Wants to be the Next Master


Continuing the recent spate of actors stating they’d like to appear in Doctor Who in some capacity, Endeavour actor Shaun Evans has now revealed he too would like to appear in the show – as the next Master!

Speaking to the Radio Times, Evans revealed that even though he’d never seen the show, on the advice of a fan, he’d love to play the next Master:

“I’ve never seen it! I think Matt Smith is a brilliant actor. And David Tennant also. But it just wasn’t my thing growing up and I feel like I’ve missed it now. I was in Moscow a few months ago and someone asked me about Doctor Who. And she thought I’d make a good Master. So if you’re offering me a part, then I’ll play the Master.”


Evans returns as the young Morse tonight on ITV

It seem’s however that Shaun maybe out of luck for a while as Steven Moffat has already suggested the character in her female Missy form will return in Series 10… and we’re sure Michelle Gomez won’t give up the role without a fight!

Endeavour returns tonight on ITV at 8pm.


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