DWW Readers Select Favourite Classic Season One Story, Introducing “Classic Notes”


Doctor Who Worldwide readers have selected their favourite story from the classic Season One, and the result is maybe unsurprising.

Terry Nation’s The Daleks comfortably won the day with 53% of the vote in the final round, the other stories from the Season having already been eliminated in the previous round.

The Daleks (also known as The Mutants and The Dead Planet) was the second story of the season and the introduced the Daleks to the show, alongside both the Thals and the planet Skaro. The seven part serial was directed by Christopher Barry and Richard Martin.

In honour of The Daleks victory, we shall be watching the serial in it’s entirety this coming Saturday from 2pm UK, 9am ET and Tweeting our live thoughts. Join us with your comments and we’ll put together the best from Facebook and Twitter as part of a new feature inspired by BBC America’s Doctor’s Notes – Classic Notes.


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