New Paul McGann Interview: “I’d sort of given up on ever expecting the phone to ring”


Paul McGann has given a new interview where he takes a retrospective look at the 1996 TV Movie, the Night of the Doctor, and his ongoing place in fandom.

Speaking to Morgan Jeffery of Digital Spy, McGann speaks on the initial disappointment that the TV Movie wasn’t taken up for a full series:

“Back in 96/97, when the pilot failed to go to a series, sure you’re disappointed for a day but only ‘cos maybe you saw pound signs. “My kids were little and that might’ve taken care of them – it was a nice big contract, but that’s what living in the arts is like. One minute it’s there, the next it’s gone and you’re doing something else – and suddenly your kids don’t have to be Canadians, and you can stay home, and three weeks later you’re doing something else.”


It would be another 13 years before McGann would return to the role on TV, something he never thought would happen:

“I’d sort of given up on ever expecting the phone to ring. We were busy making that Five Doctors thing [which] predicated precisely on the idea that none of us were ever going to get asked back to do anything – we were taking the piss out of it. Then in the middle of it, I’m asked back and I couldn’t tell the others, so I felt a bit of a heel. But I was saved in my shame by Tom Baker going one better and not telling them he was actually in the 50th – so that sort of deflected from my fibs!”

And Paul is happy to be part of the Doctor Who family:

“Just on a personal level, if I ever had misgivings – just about being in Doctor Who in the first place, or the nature of it – they’ve long since gone. I really enjoy it. It’s a good family to be part of – and it’s still going places. It’s a lovely thing to be associated with.”

For more from Paul, including the strict rules he was given while working on the TV Movie, what Doctor Who might have been like with a 1990s series and more on the Night of the Doctor, head over to Digital Spy.


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