Yee Jee Tso To Publish Doctor Who Book, New Interview Available Online


Yee Jee Tso, Chang Lee in the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie, has given a new interview where he talks on his experiences working on the McGann special, learning photography, writing his first book, and how his life is twenty years after the premiere of the episode.

Speaking during his appearance on the New Year Special of the MarkWHO42 podcast, hosted by MarkWHO42‘s Christian Basel and Patty Hawkins, Yee Jee Tso, also discussed his new book coming out in 2016 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the TV Movie!

Time and Spaces: A Photo Journal of Doctor Who Filming will be released in May 2016 by MIWK Publishing.


MIWK say:

“Yee Jee took a number of photographs during filming and has collected these behind-the-scenes images into this book. But it’s more than that, because as well as photographs from 1996, Yee Jee has taken a number of ‘then-and-now’ images of the filming locations as they look in 2015.

Alongside these photographs, Yee Jee has provided a running text commentary regarding the filming and locations, including some of the local history surrounding them.

This love-letter to the Doctor Who TV Movie is presented in a full colour hardback featuring photographs never previously published.”

Pre-orders are expected to be available in March.

You can listen to Yee Jee’s interview for free or download the episode at You can also visit the MarkWHO42 website at


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