John Barrowman Says He Could Return to Doctor Who At Any Time


Captain Jack actor John Barrowman has said there would be no issue in returning to Doctor Who and he’d love to do it, noting the huge support among fans for his return to the series.

The character of Captain Jack first appeared in 2005's Empty Child

The character of Captain Jack first appeared in 2005’s Empty Child

Speaking to the Radio Times, Barrowman reveals the producers of Arrow have agreed to allow him to appear in Doctor Who should the opportunity arise:

“It’s a show and genre that changed my life; I love it dearly and if I’m asked I would do it at the drop of a hat. And also my producers here in the US for the show I’m on at the moment, Arrow, they’ve said if that did happen we’d let you do it. I would love to do it, and I do know that there’s a huge fanbase.”

Barrowman last appeared on the show in January 2010’s The End of Time Part Two, with a cameo in 2013’s Five(ish) Doctors. Last week the actor revealed that “egos” and “politics” were preventing the return of Torchwood to television.

For those missing Captain Jack, there are two series’ of Torchwood audio adventures available from Big Finish, with a third planned for 2017. John Barrowman meanwhile will return to the role of Captain Jack, also in 2017, with The Lives of Captain Jack, also from Big Finish.



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