Watch the Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman Panel at Awesome Con


Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman appeared together on stage yesterday at Washington DC’s Awesome Con, the biggest annual comic and pop culture convention in the U.S capital.

Highlights of the panel can be watched below via YouTuber attackoneyebrows (who apologises for the quality!)

Ever wonder if the duo took anything home from the set? what their first day was like? or hope Peter would drop a massive spoiler? then check out the panel!

[su_quote cite=”Peter Capaldi”]I can’t thank Matt Smith enough for giving me a big hug and handing over the keys to the TARDIS[/su_quote]


Awesome Con 2016 was held June 3 – 5 at the Washington Convention Center. Stay tuned to DWW for all the info on plans for next years event in the coming months.


See The Husbands of River Song in Cinemas Across the U.S.


Doctor Who fans across the United States will have the chance to see this years Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song, in cinemas across the country, thanks to Fathom Events and BBC Worldwide.

The Doctor is back on the big screen this holiday season for a special two-night event featuring an exclusive interview with Alex Kingston and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the special featuring Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and more.

Fathom Events and BBC Worldwide are excited to ring in this holiday season with a very special two-night presentation of the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas Special on Monday, December 28 and Tuesday, December 29, in which River Song  makes her triumphant return to Doctor Who.

“It’s Christmas Day on a remote human colony and the Doctor is hiding from Christmas Carols and Comedy Antlers. But when a crashed spaceship calls upon the Doctor for help, he finds himself recruited into River Song’s squad and hurled into a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy. King Hydroflax is furious, and his giant Robot bodyguard is out-of-control and coming for them all! Will Nardole survive? And when will River Song work out who the Doctor is? All will be revealed on a starliner full of galactic super-villains and a destination the Doctor has been avoiding for a very long time.”

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate the holidays with fellow Doctor Who fans in cinemas this December.

The Husbands of River Song - 29

Date: Monday, December 28. Tuesday, December 29.

Time: 7:30 p.m. (local time)

Run Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes (approximate)

Ticketing: Tickets are on sale nowTheaters will be setting up online ticketing on a rolling basis – if your theater is not yet set up, please check back soon. 

Locations: Fathom Events pride themselves on a unique event experience, therefore their theater footprint varies by event. Please check Here for more details.

The Husbands of River Song - 19

Fathom Events is the home of cinematic experiences that offer high quality, affordable entertainment events broadcast to the big screen. Audiences get the best seat in the house – in the comfort and convenience of their local movie theater – for live and pre-recorded concerts, world-class opera, sporting events, comedy acts, original programming featuring the biggest names in radio and television and many more.

For further details please visit, to purchase tickets please visit Fathom’s ticket purchase utility.

Watch the Paul McGann Perform The Zygon Inversion Speech, Listen to 3rd & 10th Doctors


One of the highlights of Series 9 was without question Peter Capaldi’s emotional anti-war speech at the climax of the Zygon Inversion, now thanks to the legend of Paul McGann and one talented YouTuber, you can hear it from three more Doctors.

Filmed at this past month’s Megacon in Orlando, McGann delivers a very different but no less astounding take on the speech:

Thanks to the quite wonderful DoctorTriod, you can also hear the speech delivered by Jon Pertwee’s 3rd Doctor:

And David Tennant’s 10th Doctor:

Sylvester McCoy Gives Interview at German Comic-Con


Sylvester McCoy has given a new interview off-stage at German Comic-Con, speaking on his love of conventions, the fans, the differences in his many roles and more.

McCoy had just been hooked off stage at the event this past week at the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund when Mháire Stritter caught up with the Seventh Doctor actor:

German Comic-Con returns to the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund next year from 2nd till 4th December 2016.

Event report: Kapow


Kapow is a fledgling sci-fi event held in Stockton on tees. This year headlining the seventh doctor, Sylvester McCoy. This even may have seemed small at first glance and in reality it was but to be a part of it felt much like a larger, well established convention, hosting two other stars of the classic series: Terry Malloy, the longest serving Davros of the classic series and sergeant Benton, John Levene. As well as a talk with each of the guests, there was an array of stalls, representing both local businesses and more specialised, Doctor Who stalls. Workshops covering both art and Star Wars took place over the course of the day as well as a Mad Hatter’s tea party and a cosplay competition. Along with the talks were photo ops and autographs throughout the afternoon as well as the fantastic opportunity to have an afternoon tea with any of the guests.

The Q and A sessions themselves were hosted by BBC’s Bob Fischer, a long standing fan of the show. John Levene’s talk went first, mentioning his new album and how it felt to be recognised on the street once he took the part of Benton. As well portraying the sergeant, he also performed as a handful of the monsters of classic who and gave us an insight into both types of role, particularly the monster costumes which have gained notoriety for the difficulty of wearing them. He also spoke quite philosophically on the nature of Hollywood and ageing, very heavy content for an early Saturday morning but the panel was great fun nonetheless, Mr Levene sharing a spirit of carpe diem with an amiable air.

Terry Molloy’s session started somewhat dramatically. Several daleks rushed the room, one bursting through a wall as a Davros in full costume raved at us, Molloy voicing him from behind the crowd. The room was darkened and glow sticks had been handed out, making the whole thing very convincing for the little ones in the crowd who were utterly terrified until an ironside model Dalek got stuck on the carpet and had to be pushed out of the room to calls of ‘remembrance flashbacks’ as a Sixth Doctor cosplayer ushered it out of the way. Molloy’s talk touched on his connection to the north east as well as how, as jobbing actor, he only got the part of Davros due to BBC strikes and expected it to last a few weeks rather than the years he returned to the role for. He also had a similar experience with the archers as his role continued for 43 years. He also spoke about how he personally first came to know Davros and the exciting musical heyday of Liverpool and the part he played in a band known to frequent The Cavern.

Before Sylvester’s talk, the cosplay showcase took place. A queue of children knocked on a tardis door and in time a long row of characters came out, including fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh eighth and tenth doctors, a handful of monsters and companions, plus a Darth Vader, much to Fischer’s amusement. On the final knock of the tardis door Sylvester returned after merrily announcing he’d been ‘to the euphemism’. As has come to be expected from a Sylvester McCoy panel, he was running about the crowd to receive their questions, and despite an honourable mention, there was no appearance of his musical spoons. We were treated to a ‘magic trick’ of a tiny invisible bird and diplomatically refused an answer to the questions of his favourite companion and doctor. But of course his role of Radagast came up and he shared a particularly funny story about the infamous hedgehog. When filming the scene, Sylvester was alone on set, his prop a stuffed hedgehog. Obviously he was excited to see his scene in the cinema, the whole 3D Imax screen showing him. He asked us if he could imagine his fury when the CGI tem had turned that stuffed prop into the most heart-warming, upstaging character in the trilogy. On a more Serious note he said that to him, a doctor should never be violent, that the point of the show was to stress intellect and reconciliation …. And that was how Ace came to be so violent. Throughout the panel, McCoy was an absolute joy to listen to, perhaps one of the best panels I have seen live, a credit to Kapow and its organisers.

I sincerely hope that Who-Ray, the friendly people at Rediscover Stockton and all of the other stall holders and contributors achieve their goal of not just ensuring Kapow become a regular event, but expanding it in the future as many people in the North East are hoping for. Other than the Dimensions and occasional Film and Comic Con conventions, the North East is reasonably starved of fandom based events but thanks to organisers of events like Kapow, this tide is turning.

Doctor Who Festival


Friday the 13th, unlucky for some, but not for Doctor Who fans it may seem.  Starting on November 13th, the Doctor Who Festival will take place until the 15th of November. Doctor Who fans from around the world can gather together to celebrate the show and for those lucky enough to get a ticket, they will get exclusive peep at what is to come in the new series.

Tickets will be on sale from the 10:00 am on June 5th, so be quick to get yourself a ticket to this extraordinary experience taking place at the excel in London, which as some of you will remember is where the 50th anniversary celebration took place. There are two day tickets to choose from, Daleks and Cybermen, but the only difference is the time in which events take place.


Included within day ticket to the festival are:

– Entry to the festival for specified day
– Access to theatre events
– Photo opportunities with the cast
– Attend a panel led by the cast
– Attend a panel led by the writers
– Photo Opportunities of the sets of the new series
– View costumes and props up close
– Go to drama workshops to learn the trick of the trade of being an actor
– Challenges testing your Doctor Who knowledge
– A showcase for everyone who has made their own Doctor Who costume
– A chance to learn how the production team work on a daily basis

A special “Tardis ticket” will involve a goody bag, a brochure, lounge access and front block theatre show seats.

This is an event you won’t want to miss, so pick your day, (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and ticket (Dalek or Cyberman) and have an out of this world experience.  There is more to be announced so subscribe to the newsletter or keep checking to stay updated


Doctor Who Fans Looking to Break World Record at ConCarolinas


Doctor Who fans will be seeking to break an unusual world record tomorrow at the ConCarolinas convention – the most Fourth Doctor Scarves in the world!

ConCarolinas is hosting this Guinness World Record attempt in order to raise awareness of their charity and non-profit partners:

  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina
  • American Red Cross
  • North Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association
  • Cabarrus County Libraries

Each scarf will be set on the convention floor to create a continuous scarf. In order to participate, one must have a Doctor Who 4th Doctor Scarf (either handmade or store bought) and a membership badge for the convention.

Each year ConCarolinas hosts a charity auction for North Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association, a food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank, and a blood drive for the American Red Cross. The Cabarrus County Library will be at ConCarolinas raising awareness of the summer reading program. Representatives from each group will be in attendance to celebrate this Guinness World Record Attempt. Charlotte artist John Hairston Jr. will be donating a painting to the charity auction to commemorate the event.  The “trail” of scarves will end at a replica model of The Doctor’s infamous time machine, the TARDIS.

The record attempt will take place at Embassy Suites Charlotte – Concord/Golf Resort & Spa, 5400 John Q. Hammons Dr NW, Concord

Visit or e-mail for more information on ConCarolinas.

Visit for information on ConCarolinas’ charity partners.

The convention runs May 29, May 30 and May 31 and tickets for all three days are $40 for adults in advance or $50 at the door. Friday and Sunday passes are $20 at the door and a Saturday pas is $35 at the door.

Doctor Who Returns to San Diego Comic Con This July


mAfter taking a year out from the world famous San Diego Comic Con last year, Doctor Who returns with a bang at the forthcoming 2015 event, Peter Capaldi confirmed to be in attendance alongside Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin.

Descending on Hall H on July 9, all five will be on a panel on the first day of the convention following preview night and the leading man is excited for his Comic Con debut:

“Tales of San Diego Comic-Con are told in awe on every set around the known fantasy/sci-fi production world … It’s become a fabled kingdom, one I am thrilled to find myself heading for. And to appear in the legendary Hall H is a further twist to the cosplay and comic madness I may never recover from.”

For the meantime, you can watch the 2013 panel featuring Matt Smith via YouTube below:

Doctor Who returns to television with the two-part opener The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, airing this autumn/fall on the BBC and BBC America.

Doctor Who will be at San Diego Comic-Con at Hall H on Thursday, July 9th. Comic-Con itself runs from July 8 though 12.

Colin Baker Comes to Inaugural Kansas City Comic-Con


Sixth Doctor actor Colin Baker will be coming to Kansas this August, being one of the many guests at Kansas City Comic-Con between August 7 and 9.

Baker, who starred as the Doctor between 1984 and 1986 will be joined at the event by stars of media, gaming, comics, cosplay and much more!

Kansas City Comic-Con 2015 will the inaugural such event and the staff have laid the thanks at the city of Kansas, proclaiming that the community has been of huge support in realising the event:

“When Kansas City Comic Con was first conceived, it was viewed as an opportunity for a small group of like-minded individuals to create and run the kind of show we had always wanted to attend. However, soon after our initial announcement, we realized we weren’t the only ones with high hopes for our new venture. In spite of being presented with very few details, the community has taken great interest in our show and rallied around our cause in a way we never could have anticipated. For that, we thank you, but your response has only served to illustrate the challenge that lies ahead of us:  to not only create a great convention but a great Kansas City convention that celebrates all of the unique things our city has to offer.”

And they say that their goal is nothing less than creating a love letter to the great city of Kansas:

“Our ultimate goal with Kansas City Comic Con is to create a love letter to the city that has lent us its name, as well as the many fans and creators who have seen fit to put their faith in us. By hook or by crook, we will make good on that promise.”

kccc_white_300Kansas City Comic Con will be held at Bartle Hall in Kansas between August 7 and 9 2015 with tickets available now starting at $25 for a single day pass. Please visiting the Con’s official website for more details at:


Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Comes to the UK, Video


The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular has arrived on British shores, debuting at the SSE Arena in London last night. The show, hosted by Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison, featured Ice Warriors, Mummies, Cybermen and much much more!

With both Steven Moffat and composer Murray Gold in attendance, the event was another huge success for the show which will continue in London until May 29, the show enjoying a limited run of thirteen performances in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow.

For full details on the Symphonic Spectacular, including dates and ticket information please visit