Kickstarter Highlight: The GallifreyArchive Book


We take another one of our regular looks at the world of crowdfunding, highlighting the projects we see as the most deserving. This week, Daniel Whitaker is looking to fund his book…


Whether you’re a long time fan of the work that Big Finish does, or if you’re just looking to get into the world of audio dramas; The GallifreyArchive Book is the book for you! Consisting of the reviews of the first 50 Doctor Who Monthly Range audios, from The Sirens of Time up to Zagreus, The GallifreyArchive Book is the comprehensive guide as to which stories you should purchase and why, including contributions from some of the most well renowned WhoTubers and personalities from the fan world of Doctor Who.

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[su_note note_color=”#46a6dd” text_color=”#ffffff”]At the time of writing the project has received £345 of the requested £600. To contribute to this worthy project, please visit Kickstarter and donate today![/su_note]


Crowdfunding: Doctor Who Am I Documentary, Nicholas Briggs Teaches Fans How To Talk Like a Dalek


A new video has been released where the voice of the Daleks himself, Nicholas Briggs, teaches us mere humans how to talk like one of the dreaded Skaro natives, all part of the Indiegogo funded documentary Doctor Who Am I, an intimate portrait of the American Doctor Who fan.


The video is released as a teaser to the crowdfunded Doctor Who Am I, an intimate portrait of the American Doctor Who fan from the point of view of Matthew Jacobs, the writer and co-producer of the Paul McGann TV Movie. as he is invited to his first fan convention nearly 20 years after writing and co-producing the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie starring the Eighth Doctor. It’s a tale of identity, regeneration and redemption.

“We explore Whovian life from the grand convention scale to the microcosms of people’s homes to the core of who they are. It’s a story of identity, and we ask our participants the simple question: “Who is the Doctor in you? The answers are revealing, funny and touching. Each voice is a story in itself, and the result is a fascinating character study that says a lot about not only fandom but America in general.”

Co-directed by Vanessa Yuille and filmed by Dylan Glockler, Doctor Who Am I brings together the same team that made Jacobs’ critically acclaimed and award-winning indie features Your Good Friend (2014) and Bar America (2015). We’ve received the support from Shaun Lyon (director of Gallifrey One), Ken Deep (showrunner of L.I. Who), and actor-singer Daphne Ashbrook (the Eighth Doctor’s American companion).

Filming began in February 2015 at the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles. The crew shot additional interviews with fans over the summer and filmed at Long Island Who Convention this past November in New York.

You can hear more about Doctor Who Am I below:

To support the production, head on over to IndieGoGo.

Crowdfunding: The Light of September


The latest project from Dan Freeman (The Minister of Chance) sees Sylvester McCoy featuring in The Light of September, an audio movie that is seeking crowdfunding.

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. In the near future, however, something does, and the crew of the oceanographic research ship Venus must deal with the Earth-shattering consequences.

Featuring a a stellar international cast and incredible innovations in audio technique, the series will take you on a journey into wild seas and strange lands. All you need is a pair of headphones!

Cast: George Blagden, Jed Trophy, Laura Cayouette, Prue Clarke, Stuart Fox, Tamsin Greig, Thorbjørn Harr, Simon Hickson, Sylvester McCoy, Tuppence Middleton, Richard Oliver, Robert Picardo, Heida Reed, Karim Saleh, Julian Senger, Kevin Baldwin, Gareth Jones


Written and Directed by: Dan Freeman

The Light of September is an audio movie. Audio movies use film technique (detailed sound effects, full musical scores, and great acting) to create film–quality drama using sound alone.

This series is crowdfunded. Crowdfunding is where we offer people rewards in return for funding to make the series. Have a look to see what amazing and unique gifts and experiences are available and help us out if you can!

Episode 1 and 2 are already funded. Episode 1 will be released on 4 February, and Episode 2 one week later. If we raise enough money Episode 3 will be released a week later. Each week we hope to raise enough to release one episode until the final Episode 10.

Please donate generously for some fantastic rewards over at

Kickstarter of the Week: Whovian Cookbook – Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated


Chris-Rachael Oseland, the culinary mad scientist behind Kitchen Overlord and author of nerdy cookbooks including: An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery, SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks and Dining With the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook is seeking funding for a new edition of Dining With the Doctor via a new campaign on Kickstarter.

Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated takes the best content from the first edition, doubles the total number of recipes with all new content, and packages it all in a handsome, professionally printed book any geek would be proud to display on their coffee table.

So what does revised and expanded mean?

The first edition of Dining With the Doctor had one recipe for every episode of series one through six. Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated will have recipes for every episode of series one through eight, taking you all the way from Eccleston to Capaldi. Each recipe also includes a little bit of recap.

The revised & expanded 2nd edition includes:

  • 60 recipes from the 1st edition (87 episodes, stories 157-224)
  • 60+ brand new recipes (116 episodes, stories 157-253)
  • Brand new, high quality food photography
  • Interior artwork by Tom Gordon
  • Bonus chapters for both Cocktails and Fish Fingers & Custard
  • Index broken down by dietary restrictions & food allergies so you can easily feed all your friends

Please click below and donate generously to this worthy project, as ever the better the gift the better the reward!

The Doctor Puppet Christmas Special Released: The Planet That Came For Christmas


A special Christmas morning stocking filler… the Doctor Puppet Christmas SpecialThe Planet That Came For Christmas.

Doctor Puppet is a Doctor Who fan series made by a team of professional artists and musicians. It’s a labor of love. The puppets and animation are created in a tiny New York City apartment. The music and vocals are produced and recorded in England.

The Doctor Puppet team wish to thank all those who helped make the special possible:

“This Christmas special was made possible because of a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign. Many many thanks to all who donated and helped spread the word! YOU ROCK!”

Congratulations to the fantastic Doctor Puppet team on another fantastic episode of this brilliant series!

Doctor Puppet: Seeking Funding for Christmas Special and Beyond


The quite fantastic Doctor Puppet is seeking funding for it’s Christmas Special and beyond.

Doctor Puppet is a stop motion animated fan series that celebrates Doctor Who and its rich history through hand-crafted puppets and original stories. The series has been praised on countless websites and podcasts and even seen on TV and in magazines… but it’s never had proper funding.

“We are a small group of professional artists and musicians who have largely spent our free time making Doctor Puppet. Stop motion is a meticulous technique that requires nearly every aspect to be made from scratch. A huge amount of time and care goes into everything you see and hear.”

Christmas Special 2013


“[The Christmas episode] will be a mysterious adventure starring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara – something a little darker than our past Christmas episodes. The puppets won’t speak or sing, so the music will be their voice. We plan to release the episode about a week before Christmas.”

Wonderfully the Doctor Puppet Christmas Special has already met it’s target of $15,000 on IndieGoGo, yet you can still donate to the project and if it meets a further target of $17,500, the team will use the extra money to upgrade some well-used equipment. Any money after this will be saved for future episodes.

Rewards Include:

  • Thank you card and video,
  • Behind the scenes updates,
  • Your name in the credits,
  • Props, set visits, photo-shoots and much more!

DWW hopes readers will donate what they can to this fantastic project and wishes the best of luck to the team, we can’t wait for the finished Christmassy puppet product!

Minister of Chance: Spin-Off Film Seeks Kickstarter Funding


Doctor Who spin-off Minister of Chance is seeking to turn the cult audio franchise into a four part movie with Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy set to star.

Launching a Kickstarter project to assist with filming, donations have already reached over £16,000 of a £100,000 ask for the first episode of the film. Rewards for assisting in the funding of the project will range from a mention in the film’s credits to an original costume for the highest pledges.

Created by Dan Freeman, The Minister of Chance is an epic fantasy film based on the amazingly successful podcast series of the same name (you can download it free from, based on the characters created for the 2001 Doctor Who audio Death Comes to Time. It boasts an A-list cast, award-winning writing and a legion of worldwide fans. The original audio boasts an impressive array of talent including Philip Glenister, Tamsin Greig, Jenny Agutter and sci-fi icon Paul Darrow.


Concept art by Lee Sullivan


In a world not our own, Ambassador Durian (Paul McGann) of the technologically advanced country of Sezuan arrives in the sleepy kingdom of Tanto. Charming and handsome, he jovially offers the King a pact of friendship, then explains that if the King declines, his population will be annihilated.

Thus, at a swoop, the slithery Durian conquers Tanto singlehanded and becomes a hero to his people, to the consternation of their hapless leader, The Witch Prime (Sylvester McCoy). The Sezians worship magic and bring their hatred of science to Tanto, where, under the occupation, all scientists are imprisoned.

In this medieval, newly-conquered nation lives the feral Kitty (Lauren Crace). She starts fights and avoids personal hygiene whilst sidelining in bar work.

One rainy night, a cloaked stranger (Julian Wadham) arrives at the Inn asking loudly after a fugitive scientist (Jenny Agutter). As this is extremely dangerous under the Sezian occupation, Kitty’s curiosity is piqued.

When she witnesses the stranger creating a doorway from nothing into nowhere, it is piqued further, so she follows him over the Frost Bridge between dimensions and into a wild and dangerous world. There the Minister and Kitty form a fractious bond as they confront the terrifying Horseman (Peter Guinness) using the Minister’s colossal intellect and Kitty’s unnatural strength.

Meanwhile Durian begins his rise to power within the Sezian government, and engineers a war that will ensnare The Minister, Kitty, and the entire world.


Minister of chance is looking to raise £100,000 by 8pm on Friday October 31, the official Kickstarter page can be found Here.

An Eloquence of Time and Space Poetry Collection Released


On Friday, September 5th 2014, James Wylder’s long awaited unauthorized book of Doctor Who poetry, An Eloquence of Time and Space was released in print and digital form on Amazon. A massive undertaking, the book contains a poem about every single Doctor Who story from An Unearthly Child to The Time of the Doctor. Not to mention the book contains a poem about each story of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures! Together it forms an episode guide for the show in the form of poetry.

Clocking in at 500 pages, the book also contains a cookbook by Caterer Taylor Elliott, Essays by James Wylder and Andrew Gilbertson, a short story by Wylder, and bold illustrations by artist Olivia Hinkel.

Funded on, the book has been featured on The New York Daily News website, Kasterborus, Bare Bones Entertainment, the Elkhart Truth Newspaper and Media Bitsro.

More information on the book, as well as sample poems and illustrations, can be found at

You can find an interview about the book at:

Amazon describes the collection as:

“The Unauthorized, Unofficial, poetic guide to 50 years of Doctor Who Doctor Who has been around a long time, but this episode guide give you a whole new way of looking at it. Every single televised Doctor Who story has a poem about it in this book, guiding you from wiley William Hartnell to dapper Matt Smith through versatile verse, and wondrous illustrations by artist Olivia Hinkel. If you’re a fan of Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, or K-9, all of them have a complete episode guide in poem form to! An episode guide like no other, poet James Wylder (Cascade, Cryptos) will help you celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary — and see the show in a whole new way. Also featuring more 50th fun: A Doctor Who cookbook by Taylor Elliott Two essays by author Andrew Gilberston Four essays by author James Wylder A short story in the spirit of the TV show by James Wylder”

An Eloquence of Time and Space is available now via the Amazon link below.

New Kickstarter Project: Tenspotting Starring Chloe Dykstra


A new Kickstarter project is seeking funding toward filming costs that has a unique look at Doctor Who fandom.

Tenspotting is a heart-warming romantic comedy that’s a love letter to fandom and con culture – and, of course, to Doctor Who.

“I mean, there’s nothing worse, is there, to find someone like that and to connect with them and then lose the chance…”

Have you ever gone to a convention and made a real connection with someone? Did you lose touch with them, only to realize that they could have been your soul mate?

Were they dressed as the Tenth Doctor?

Meet Angel (Chloe Dykstra), a cosplayer who met her perfect “Ten” at last year’s convention. He was everything she looked for in a guy, with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Doctor Who and an impeccable Tenth Doctor cosplay. The only trouble is that she never got his name or number. And there are hundreds of other cosplayers who look just like him!

At this year’s convention, Angel’s friend Tamara (Tiffany Smith) is on a mission to help Angel hunt down her perfect Ten in a sea of Doctors. Will she be able to find him again? Or will she find another connection in an unexpected place?

Tenspotting was conceived by a group of writers having drinks and shooting the breeze one evening at the 2013 Comic-Con International in San Diego. The idea was simple: what if you met your soul mate at a convention, but couldn’t find them among similar cosplayers? Screenwriters Emily Blake and Michael Patrick Sullivan wrote a script, Respect Films signed on to produce, and a short film was born!

Everyone involved in this project is a true geek at heart. We all love Doctor Who and convention culture, and we are fascinated by how fans from around the world come together at conventions and make new friends – many of whom becoming life-long companions – in a single whirlwind weekend. Tenspotting is a love letter to fandom, particularly the dedicated Doctor Who fandom that spans the globe.

Find Tenspotting on Twitter! @Tenspotting
And on Facebook!


Tenspotting has raised a total of $3273 of a desired $8000 with 16 days to go.

“We’re coming to Kickstarter with an amazing script, a talented cast, and a dedicated crew all devoted to making this film the best it can be – and worthy of the Doctor Who fandom. We can’t do this alone, but with your support, we can make Tenspotting a reality and bring this touching story to fans around the world. The money we raise through this campaign will all go towards making this film the best it can be. It will go towards hiring the best crew and renting the best equipment available, as well as towards post-production that will polish the film and make it look great.”

Please support this fantastic project in any way you can and donate via Kickstarter at:

Whostarter: Highlighting Doctor Who on Kickstarter


In our second look at Doctor Who on Kickstarer, we look at five new listed projects on crowd funding website Kickstarter that range from a request for convention funding to fan films and art projects.

All our highlighted projects last time out Who by Jonny Hoy, The Will of the Doctor by Jake Mock and American Dr WHO by Daniela Larez unfortunately failed to find funding but hopefully at least some of the following projects will fare a little better.

We shall also be awarding our star highlight award each article to the project we believe best deserves a little extra help, the winning project being featured on our front page for two weeks between Whostarter articles. So without further ado, our first project…

“Doctor Huh?!” — The Unreal Story of “Doctor Who” (A Parody)


A lovingly skewed look at the history, people, culture, and craziness behind “Doctor Who!” By the writer of the hit WHOFAX comedy blog.

Finally, the definitive unauthorized, unofficial, and untrue reference work about the history, cast, crew, fandom, and culture of the world-famous scifi series Doctor Who is coming to bookshelves! Doctor Huh?! will tell a comprehensive behind-the-scenes Doctor Who story that you are guaranteed not to have heard anywhere else, because it simply is not true.

Moving beyond the constraints of microblogs, Doctor Huh?! will be a full-length affectionately-satirical look at what might have been the 50-year production history of Doctor Who if everything were a bit more mad.

Think of the sort of behind-the-scenes stories you’ve seen in every Doctor Who Magazine issue, Doctor Who Confidential episode, reference book, DVD extra, and so on, all filtered through the viewpoint of a Who fan, comedy writer, and cartoonist with a headful of trivia and an love of parody. How exactly did Lambert and Newman convince Hartnell to take on the role of the First Doctor? How did cast and crew deal with the force of nature that is Tom Baker? What terrifying, random, and possibly cursed sequences of events led to the creation of the series’ various logos? Where did the Missing Adventures go? Is Karen Gillan secretly an android? Is Kamelion secretly a person? These questions and more will be answered truthlessly in Doctor Huh?!, an affectionately satirical narrative any fan with a healthy sense of humor will enjoy.

From the Writers:

I’m Rob Vincent, generally known as Rob T Firefly. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was very young, watching PBS rebroadcasts of the classic series on a scratchy black-and-white TV in the 1980s, and I remained addicted through the wilderness years and the advent of Doctor Who novels, comics, and audios right up to the revived series and spinoffs of today. I dove into the worlds of online fandom and creative fan works way back when they were still slowly becoming things people actually did, and have watched that whole scene evolve in all sorts of fascinating directions over the years. When I’m not telling falsehoods about my favorite scifi franchise, I’m an artist, writer, and performer in various media. I write for and perform on the award-winning comedy/educational web series The Media Show, which successfully Kickstartered its most recent two seasons. I’m a panelist and producer of the long-running talk-radio program Off the Hook, broadcast on FM in New York and streamed / podcast worldwide. I’m a staff member and artist at the biennial HOPE conference, and I’ve studied and performed improv comedy at Manhattan theatre The PIT. I’m also very, very grateful for your support!

Funding Target: $9500

Comment:  Books usually do well on Kickstarter and Rob Vincent has a recognized set of followers and promotion ability, couple that with an interesting and potentially fun concept and this one we believe could make it’s target. Worth an investment.


Dalek Con 2014: Cincinnati’s First Doctor Who Convention by Rian Heist

From the Writers:

We are embarking on a historical event for Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout time itself, a Doctor Who Convention has never been established or hosted in Cincinnati, Ohio. Whovians have been forced to go to traditional comic book conventions and nod to fellow DW Fans they see with a trademark Fez or Multicolored Scarf. That was me. I have been going to conventions heavily over the past few years to help promote my Pop Culture Hero Themed podcast, entitled Hero Heads Podcast. While visiting these conventions it was clear that Doctor Who has a large presence in our culture–however the closest active Who con is hours away. It’s about time we change that. I have been in touch with several artists, musicians, actors, and creators to establish a good line up for the first ever Doctor Who Convention in Cincinnati.

Facebook Page:

Requested funding: $50000

Comment: While bringing a convention to any locale is always a challenge, Mr Heist has been forward in his promotion attempts, contacting this website personally in his endeavours, all to his credit. However we fear this one may struggle, with 10 days to go and under a $1000 of the $50,000 requested raised it’s prospects don’t currently look good, particularly with no names attached. John Barrowman is listed however for a stretch goal of an extra $50,000 (we’re in the wrong business!).


PixelWho Project II: The Next Regeneration

Synopsis: The PixelWho project came about through a desire of the artist to combine his passion for the British science fiction program “Doctor Who” with the 8-bit artistic style of 80’s video games, which also carries a great deal of nostalgia for him. It is an attempt to be the most complete catalog of Doctor Who characters in order to celebrate the creativity and dedication of all the artists who have worked on the program over the last 50 years.

The overall goal is to document every character, both significant and incidental, from every Doctor’s respective movie/series runs. Nathan freeze frames DVDs and scours episode screen captures in order to recreate each character accurately and roughly to scale. Every pixel is individually laid by hand; no computer conversion program is used. His art is a true labor of love which requires dedication and time. For example the 10th Doctor poster took 4 months of work to create. The lost episodes of William Hartnell’s (the 1st Doctor’s) era were recreated by referencing production photos, telesnaps, and promotional materials.

Requested Funding: $5200

Comment: PixelWho always does incredibly well on Kickstarter and falls into the recent popularity of 8-bit art. The project shouldnt have an issue reaching it’s $5200 goal and stands at $3042 raised with 10 days to go.


The Toon Of The Doctor (Doctor Who Cartoon) by The Toon of the Doctor

From the Writers:

Myself & a friend are completely obsessed with Doctor Who having run 4 separate successful Doctor Who facebook pages over the past 2 years that we have known each other origionally wanted to write a FanFiction book series but after long discussions for many hours we decided to make it into a cartoon! “The Toon Of The Doctor” was born! We set a facebook page up and starting sending out messages and posts in every Doctor Who or artists group/page on facebook asking if anyone would like to volunteer their services and knowledge for the project and we have had an overwhelming response to it. in just under 2 days we had over 50 people wanting to help out with this project in any way they could, be it writing, designing or promoting it across facebook & twitter. We would like your help to make mine and my friends dream become reality. We have got an amazing team behind us and have already got quite a few of the episodes written.


Requested funding: £500

Comment: While the lack of animation examples or depth of details to the project may put some off, £500 is not a big ask for what appears a team full of enthusiasm.


STAR PROJECT: Doctor Who Movie – Consigned into Oblivion by Thomas Perryman

Synopsis: Consigned into Oblivion: Another Adventure In Time And Space!

Consigned into Oblivion is a Doctor Who Movie that fits into the Doctor Who Universe.

This story takes place with the Second Doctor and we have an exact double of Patrick Troughton, its uncanny. I have searched for years upon years to find a Patrick Troughton stand in and honestly, bless their hearts, the Cosplayers were not working out. I found Bill as a working actor of stage and screen in U.S & Canada. Finding Bill was a major part of this Movie experience.

We want to emulate the old time Doctor Who TV experience of the Second Doctor by filming a Second Doctor Movie with past Actors and Actresses that have worked with Patrick Troughton. I could go on and on but we are so excited by this project to bring a bit of Classic TV to the 2015 viewing audiences.


The Movie Plot: (currently the short version May 2014)

Movie setting in a Psychiatric Prison Ward

Doctor has forgotten or lost his mind

Strange UFO activity surrounding this northern Florida location

The return of old friends

A Strong Psychological Drama/Thriller that takes place with Time and Space of Science Fiction


Requested funding: $30,000

Comment: Consigned to Oblivion looks like a dream film project for any fan of Patrick Troughton’s time as the Doctor. With a potential for classic series companions to guest star, established actors and production staff, the project stands head and shoulders above similar projects. While the funding requirement is large, standing at $30,000, with 42 days to go and $735 raised it is off to a decent start. Please support our star project and help make this one a reality!