Video: New Fan Video Creates the First Ever Third Doctor Minisode


A new fan video has been released that, through clever editing and voice work, brings together the first ever Third Doctor minisode.

The episode was written by Tony Green, a former soldier who served in Afghanistan, with the intention of using his love of Doctor Who to try and pay tribute to the Armed Forces.

Wink Taylor, universally noted within fandom for his impressions, portrays the Third Doctor and the classic UNIT family.

Doctor Who and the Last Door On The Right can be watched below:


Crowdfunding: Doctor Who Am I Documentary, Nicholas Briggs Teaches Fans How To Talk Like a Dalek


A new video has been released where the voice of the Daleks himself, Nicholas Briggs, teaches us mere humans how to talk like one of the dreaded Skaro natives, all part of the Indiegogo funded documentary Doctor Who Am I, an intimate portrait of the American Doctor Who fan.


The video is released as a teaser to the crowdfunded Doctor Who Am I, an intimate portrait of the American Doctor Who fan from the point of view of Matthew Jacobs, the writer and co-producer of the Paul McGann TV Movie. as he is invited to his first fan convention nearly 20 years after writing and co-producing the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie starring the Eighth Doctor. It’s a tale of identity, regeneration and redemption.

“We explore Whovian life from the grand convention scale to the microcosms of people’s homes to the core of who they are. It’s a story of identity, and we ask our participants the simple question: “Who is the Doctor in you? The answers are revealing, funny and touching. Each voice is a story in itself, and the result is a fascinating character study that says a lot about not only fandom but America in general.”

Co-directed by Vanessa Yuille and filmed by Dylan Glockler, Doctor Who Am I brings together the same team that made Jacobs’ critically acclaimed and award-winning indie features Your Good Friend (2014) and Bar America (2015). We’ve received the support from Shaun Lyon (director of Gallifrey One), Ken Deep (showrunner of L.I. Who), and actor-singer Daphne Ashbrook (the Eighth Doctor’s American companion).

Filming began in February 2015 at the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles. The crew shot additional interviews with fans over the summer and filmed at Long Island Who Convention this past November in New York.

You can hear more about Doctor Who Am I below:

To support the production, head on over to IndieGoGo.

Video: Here comes the Cyber-Brig!


The sainted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart’s resurrection as a zombie Iron Man in the closing moments of Death in Heaven divided opinion amongst fans (what doesn’t), you either hated it or shrugged and said “why not” …but now, you can live out all your Cyber-Brig fantasies (most of them) thanks to Rick Schultz, Bob Mitsch and the Idiot’s Lantern.

Originally premiering at the Idiot’s Lantern Sketch Show at this year’s Gallifrey One, the description reads…

Death in Heaven created him. Now he gets his own Saturday Morning Cartoon Series. That’s Right – Look Out! Here comes the Cyber-Brig!

Seasons Of War Charity Anthology and Short Film – Now Available


The world of Doctor Who spin-offs is a rich tapestry of creative goodness, populated by iconic and enduring characters such as Jago and Lightfoot, Captain Jack Harkness, Iris Wildthyme, The Minister Of Chance and Colonel Lethbridge Stewart. Through the medium of novels, short stories and audio dramas fans have plenty of avenues through which to continue their love affair with all things Doctor Who during series breaks. And that’s without watching repeats or recons of the 230+ tv adventures. New initiates to the worlds of Doctor Who soon discover that like the TARDIS it’s so much bigger on the inside than the outside.

Added to the mix in early 2015 came an anthology of short stories exploring that forgotten and disowned incarnation of the Doctor: The War Doctor – a part of the Doctor’s life that would have remained hidden were it not for Clara’s magical journey across his time stream. The Doctor would not want us to read about his exploits, let alone enjoy them. But in the wake of the hugely acclaimed Engines Of War novel by George Mann it was clear that the War Doctor had fired the imagination of fans. There was a thirst for more in whatever form that took. And quite rightly he looks set to join the pantheon of popular spin off characters and material.

The motivation to read more about the War Doctor comes down not to a fanwank obsession with the time war, time lords and Gallifrey, as obliquely referenced in the new series, but to the brilliance of the character as created by Steven Moffat and performed so marvellously by Sir John Hurt.

This was no leader. This was a reckless, misguided egomaniac. A man who needed reining in. A man who needed to help people, not to destroy.   His destructive plans wiped out my entire legion, my entire civilisation and other races that were now no longer in existence. (The Eight Minute War. Rawlings)

As a result, the Seasons Of War anthology is a character driven collection. The younger face of Hurt as seen at the end of The Night Of The Doctor suggested that this incarnation had lived a long life before his regeneration into Christopher Eccleston. This allows the anthology to encompass different stages in his journey through the time war. Each author adds their own nuances to a Doctor who throughout the anthology displays a set of consistent, uncompromising traits.

The only way to end it, to stop the unimaginable pain and the agony is to do something the Doctor would never do: Kill a human. (Guerre. May, Jack)

And yet as the consequences of his actions begin to take their toll, we see him developing a softer edge. He is never quite worthy of the name the Doctor and this book is far from being the story of his redemption, but in his ambivalence there is an implied hope that he is after all, still the same man.

I remember my friend as he used to be: passionate, curious, sometimes cynical but always with a core of whimsical frivolity. Behind those ruthless eyes and the inch-thick, war-scarred hide – I could see in his face a glimmer of our old adventures. (Fall. Barber)

With a number of well known writers (including Gary Russell, Paul Magrs, Jenny Colgan, George Mann, Lance Parkin, Kate Orman, Andrew Smith, John Peel and Matt Fitton) contributing to the book it might be tempting to skip to favourites, but whilst each story stands alone, a richer experience would be achieved from reading the anthology in order. The editor Declan May has carefully crafted, selected and structured the stories. He mixes up the themes, styles, scales and lengths of each adventure so that the whole anthology is beautifully paced, with appropriate breathers along the way. The positioning of each story also gives the reader the tiniest morsel of developing hope in the character, as alluded to above.

They’d removed him from the war. He could feel softness creeping into his thoughts, inveigling itself into his mind. His limbs, with their seemingly permanent aches and pains, begging him to simply return to the bed and rest. But that would be a betrayal of his solemn vow after regeneration. Doctor no more, warrior instead… (Always Face The Curtain With A Bow. Arnold)

They say that variety is the spice of life and the fantastical worlds of Doctor Who have always been wonderfully diverse. This collection has something to suit everyone’s tastes from the truly macabre to the whimsical, from tales with more of a classic feel to those that would not seem at all out of place in the new series, from beautifully descriptive pieces to dialogue heavy action, from war journal to poetry.

You come and go, fixing things and leaving them as if they can stay mended. But even after the victory the horrors of war multiply. (The Time Lord Who Came To Tea. Driscoll)

There are returning foes, including of course the Daleks, but some quite unexpected ones too (spoilers). And there are returning friends including Leela, Susan and The Brigadier. The obligatory tie-ins to the new series take their place without being obvious or clumsy. Some of those loose ends and throwaway lines are referenced but are never the reason for a story. But much that you will read will be fresh – even those familiar figures who return in ways you would never expect. They are joined by a host of new ideas, new concepts, new enemies, new friends and even a new companion in the form of Jenny Shirt.

In a time of war a good question to ask is what is our greatest fear? Death and the loss of all we are, who we were, all we could have been? Or is it the uncertainty of when we will die? (Jenny Shirt, The Girl With The Purple Hair II. May, Davies)

The Seasons Of War project is more than a self-contained anthology. It opens with Nick Briggs’ moving tribute to Paul Spragg, known and loved by so many fans and one of the leading inspirations behind the project. It is accompanied by a truly remarkable short film directed by Andy Robinson.

Illustrated by some brilliantly inspired artwork from Simon Brett, Paul Handley and Paul Griffin, Seasons of War also has at its heart a sublime comic strip penned by Jim Mortimore.

Best of all, Seasons Of War follows in the long standing tradition of Doctor Who charity projects, raising money for Caudwell Children. To get your copy of the ebook, pdf or mobi file follow the link below and donate what you can to this worthwhile cause.

As one of the contributors, I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I’ve enjoyed being a part of it.

And in true Doctor Who style – it ends with a cliffhanger. Could there be more to come?




Major Seasons of War Update: War Doctor Charity Anthology and Film Due This Month


10906189_584150328383189_2083352352104645920_nAfter much speculation and anticipation, the War Doctor charity anthology Seasons of War is almost ready for release.

For those who’ve missed it, Seasons Of War – Tales From A Time War is a Doctor Who fiction anthology and film, an unofficial project, raising money for the Charity Caudwell Children.

The collection will feature work by a who’s who of Doctor Who writers – including names such as Lance Parkin, Gary Russell, David A. McIntee, Jim Mortimore, John Peel, Kate Orman, Jenny Colgan, Paul Magrs, George Mann, Matthew Sweet and Andrew Smith.

With the excellent trailer for the accompanying film already available, created by Andy Robinson and with original music by Timo Peach, excitement is building for both instalments, ten teasers having been released alongside a text extract , set photos, an audio reading by Osgood herself Ingrid Oliver and more.



1. “What happened on Karn was unforgivable but necessary. I’m sorry. There could be no witnesses.”
2. Booyakasha! (Curious and curiouser)
3. The Army of TARDIS
4. “If you’re going to rummage around in my head without asking, be careful what you find there. I don’t use that name. Not any more.”
5. The Two (Non) Doctors.
6. 800 years old at the end, over a thousand at the beginning. That’s war for you.
7. Rassilon’s return will make you sick.
8. “Call me Foreman”.
9. Nothing at the end of the lane. A good omen.
10. Shooting, stabbing, poisoning, death by a sentient second-heart… Welcome to hell.

Audio Extract

Text Extract

…and he looked at his reflection and said: “Doctor no more”.
Ohila of the Sisterhood Of Karn regarded him as he studied his new face. She noted that he did so, not with curiosity, but with a sort of cursory, functional glance. An appraisal. Like a Major inspecting a cadets uniform. He turned to her.
“Beyond the wreckage. When the gunship crashed, it materialised on the far side of the tundra.”
He looked at Cass, her dead body lying on the mortuary-slab-like-rock, her youth and fire extinguished.
“You’ll bury her”
Ohila noted that is wasn’t a request. An order.
“Yes, Lord.” she nodded in deference.
“In which case, I’ll be off.” he said. He adjusted the bandolier slung across his chest, and began to walk westwards. However, after a few steps, he stopped and turned. His black eyes met Ohila’s.
“You’ll tell no one of this.” he said. Again, not a request.
“Who would we tell?” Ohila replied, keeping her voice steady. “The Universe is in its dying days and time itself threatens to collapse, fold and crumple taking all history with it.”
“If the Daleks come..?”
“Then they will come. They will learn nothing from us. Nor will the Time Lords.”
He laughed then. Hollow and bitter.
“The Time Lords are the least of your worries, Mother Superior.”
“You mock still, Doctor.” Ohila replied.
“THAT IS NOT MY NAME!” he screamed with a ferocity so intense that Ohila, and the remnants of the Sisterhood present, fancied they felt the very ground beneath them tremble. Then, in a quieter, almost whispered, timbre: “Not my name.”
Ohila, determined not to appear cowed before her sisters, drew on her centuries of meditative study, took a deep breath and approached the new born Gallifreyan.
“I should hope, Time Lord,” she began, her voice low and steady so as not to seem to reprimand. “That this anger is a sign of post-regenerative stress rather than a true indication of the man you have become.”
The Time Lord considered this. Briefly.
“Whatever you put in that potion,” he replied. “By whichever strange augmentation or perversion of Time Lord science you developed that made my regeneration thus, I can safely say that the hangover is practically non-existent. I can, for once, see absolutely clear. I know what I must do. And I know what must happen. If my anger shocks you, then you have only your own manipulations to blame. You could have left me for dead, like the girl…the girl…”
The Time Lord shook his head in frustration. Already, he had forgotten.
“Cass” said Ohila, gently.
“A name,” he spat. “Another damned name. And what are names, pray, when the universe stands at the precipice?”
“Yet you can save it. You can save us.” Ohila said, her deep blue eyes beseeching him.
The Time Lord looked up at the stars, sniffed the air, closed his eyes and smiled. It was not an appealing smile.
“The Universe, yes.” he said, opening his eyes and meeting Ohila’s gaze. “You? Unfortunately not.”
Ohila took a step back. Was the Time Lord mocking her once again?
“There’s a Dalek ship, a Skaro Dreadnought, just pulling into orbit around Karn.” he said, his face now serious and his jaw held tight. “They must’ve detected the TARDIS, you see?”
Ohila looked up at the night sky and, sure enough, saw the pinprick yellow lights, arranged in a circle like carriages on a Ferris wheel, hovering on high, obscuring part of Karn’s second moon, making a crescent.
“I did tell you, Sister, that the Time Lords are the least of your worries.” he said. Not cruelly, but sadly.
“Can you help us?”

Set Photos


To receive the digital ebook version, you can visit to donate (leaving your email address) or you can wait to donate a set amount for the print edition. The digital edition will be released in January 2015, along with the film. The details for the pre-order of the limited print edition will be released, initially, to those who have already donated, in January 2015 and then to the general public afterwards. Seasons Of War is a Chinbeard Books publication, edited by Declan May.

Seasons of War can be followed on Facebook and Twitter

The Doctor Puppet Christmas Special Released: The Planet That Came For Christmas


A special Christmas morning stocking filler… the Doctor Puppet Christmas SpecialThe Planet That Came For Christmas.

Doctor Puppet is a Doctor Who fan series made by a team of professional artists and musicians. It’s a labor of love. The puppets and animation are created in a tiny New York City apartment. The music and vocals are produced and recorded in England.

The Doctor Puppet team wish to thank all those who helped make the special possible:

“This Christmas special was made possible because of a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign. Many many thanks to all who donated and helped spread the word! YOU ROCK!”

Congratulations to the fantastic Doctor Puppet team on another fantastic episode of this brilliant series!

Doctor Puppet: Seeking Funding for Christmas Special and Beyond


The quite fantastic Doctor Puppet is seeking funding for it’s Christmas Special and beyond.

Doctor Puppet is a stop motion animated fan series that celebrates Doctor Who and its rich history through hand-crafted puppets and original stories. The series has been praised on countless websites and podcasts and even seen on TV and in magazines… but it’s never had proper funding.

“We are a small group of professional artists and musicians who have largely spent our free time making Doctor Puppet. Stop motion is a meticulous technique that requires nearly every aspect to be made from scratch. A huge amount of time and care goes into everything you see and hear.”

Christmas Special 2013


“[The Christmas episode] will be a mysterious adventure starring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara – something a little darker than our past Christmas episodes. The puppets won’t speak or sing, so the music will be their voice. We plan to release the episode about a week before Christmas.”

Wonderfully the Doctor Puppet Christmas Special has already met it’s target of $15,000 on IndieGoGo, yet you can still donate to the project and if it meets a further target of $17,500, the team will use the extra money to upgrade some well-used equipment. Any money after this will be saved for future episodes.

Rewards Include:

  • Thank you card and video,
  • Behind the scenes updates,
  • Your name in the credits,
  • Props, set visits, photo-shoots and much more!

DWW hopes readers will donate what they can to this fantastic project and wishes the best of luck to the team, we can’t wait for the finished Christmassy puppet product!

Minister of Chance: Spin-Off Film Seeks Kickstarter Funding


Doctor Who spin-off Minister of Chance is seeking to turn the cult audio franchise into a four part movie with Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy set to star.

Launching a Kickstarter project to assist with filming, donations have already reached over £16,000 of a £100,000 ask for the first episode of the film. Rewards for assisting in the funding of the project will range from a mention in the film’s credits to an original costume for the highest pledges.

Created by Dan Freeman, The Minister of Chance is an epic fantasy film based on the amazingly successful podcast series of the same name (you can download it free from, based on the characters created for the 2001 Doctor Who audio Death Comes to Time. It boasts an A-list cast, award-winning writing and a legion of worldwide fans. The original audio boasts an impressive array of talent including Philip Glenister, Tamsin Greig, Jenny Agutter and sci-fi icon Paul Darrow.


Concept art by Lee Sullivan


In a world not our own, Ambassador Durian (Paul McGann) of the technologically advanced country of Sezuan arrives in the sleepy kingdom of Tanto. Charming and handsome, he jovially offers the King a pact of friendship, then explains that if the King declines, his population will be annihilated.

Thus, at a swoop, the slithery Durian conquers Tanto singlehanded and becomes a hero to his people, to the consternation of their hapless leader, The Witch Prime (Sylvester McCoy). The Sezians worship magic and bring their hatred of science to Tanto, where, under the occupation, all scientists are imprisoned.

In this medieval, newly-conquered nation lives the feral Kitty (Lauren Crace). She starts fights and avoids personal hygiene whilst sidelining in bar work.

One rainy night, a cloaked stranger (Julian Wadham) arrives at the Inn asking loudly after a fugitive scientist (Jenny Agutter). As this is extremely dangerous under the Sezian occupation, Kitty’s curiosity is piqued.

When she witnesses the stranger creating a doorway from nothing into nowhere, it is piqued further, so she follows him over the Frost Bridge between dimensions and into a wild and dangerous world. There the Minister and Kitty form a fractious bond as they confront the terrifying Horseman (Peter Guinness) using the Minister’s colossal intellect and Kitty’s unnatural strength.

Meanwhile Durian begins his rise to power within the Sezian government, and engineers a war that will ensnare The Minister, Kitty, and the entire world.


Minister of chance is looking to raise £100,000 by 8pm on Friday October 31, the official Kickstarter page can be found Here.

T.R.A.C.E: A Doctor Who Fan Film Webseries with Martial Arts & Visual Effects


A new Doctor Who fan series is about to begin filming with a unique take on the series, mixing anime style martial arts with sci-fi within the Doctor Who Universe

Award winning Cleveland filmmaker Johnny K. Wu presented the first episode of the series earlier this year at the Atlas Cinema Lakeshore Theatre and after a huge response and show of support, Wu expanded his vision and began the massive undertaking of filming the next six episodes of the seven episode series in it’s entirety.

Partially funded through Indiegogo, the campaign far exceeded it’s targeted goal and as a result the production team will providing an online streaming service highlighting the process of production.

Wu said:

“The goal of this series is to explore ‘the what if’ scenario and to cater with a feel and look within the East and Western culture, a live-action anime-styled Doctor Who series” said Director Wu. “I am sure not everyone will like it, as the first episode is more a martial arts ballet than a typical story, but it will slowly attract your interest into the ‘Whoniverse’.”

T.R.A.C.E. can be found on Facebook Here

The production is scheduled to begin filming on October 10 with a projected release date of May 2015.

Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover – Wholock: The Musical


Youtube channel AVbyte have produced what every Doctor Who, Sherlock and musical fan wants to see – Wholock: The Musical.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith lookalikes take centre stage in the dream duet that’s sure to have fans of both series’ demanding it actually happen!

Personally, we hate musicals and this is all torture!