Realtime’s Mindgame and Mindgame Trilogy to Get DVD Release This November


Koch Media, the company behind the rerelease of 1995’s Downtime, are to bring both instalment’s of Realtime’s Mindgame saga to DVD for the first time

Produced during the great hiatus, Mindgame (1997) and Mindgame Trilogy (1999) both star Ace actress Sophie Aldred and will be remastered on DVD under the combined title of Mindgame Saga. Featuring new “Making of” bonus features as well as a new retrospective documentary, the title will be released on November 14 of this year.


Mindgame by Terrance Dicks

For all fans of classic Doctor Who. First and only time these two classic Doctor Who monsters have appeared on screen together! The Sontarans and Draconians return in this drama starring Sophie Aldred. A Sontaran, a Draconian and a human are trapped in a cell together by a mysterious alien and must fight each other to survive.

Mindgame Trilogy by Terrance Dicks, Miles Richardson and Roger Stevens

Battlefield by Terrance Dicks.

Field-Major Sarg is in trouble. Trapped, wounded and alone on a battle-scarred planet, he is forced to accept he may die. But at least it will be a glorious death – or so he hopes…

Prisoner 451 by Miles Richardson

To be or not to be, that is the question! On trial for subversion, he faces the ultimate penalty. If only she knew the trouble she’d caused…

Scout Ship by Roger Stevens

A dying ship drifting in space. A pilot faced with certain death. Time may be relative… but it still runs out!

Mindgame Saga is available to preorder now via the Amazon link below, the DVD will be released on November 14 and features a 20 minute retrospective, Photogallery & a PDF of the original script – including lost scenes.


Full Power of the Daleks Animation To Be Released This November


The 1966 lost classic Power of the Daleks is to be released this coming November in fully animated form the BBC has revealed.

“Landing on the planet Vulcan in 2020AD the Doctor, Polly and Ben are horrified to find two inanimate Daleks. They are even more alarmed when they discover that the colonists plan to reactivate the Daleks and use them as their slaves…”

The six part Power of the Daleks, the first to feature Patrick Troughton in the role of the Doctor, has long been considered one of the lost gems of the 1960s and while audio recordings, still photographs, telesnaps and clips of the story still exist, no episodes of the serial are known to have survived. The master tapes of all six episodes of Power were junked in the late ’60s and the BBC Enterprise copies, kept for foreign sales were destroyed in 1974.


Charles Norton, producer and director of the new animation, said:

“[It’s] the most ambitious Doctor Who archive restoration ever attempted. Intelligent, suspenseful and magnificently staged, Power of the Daleks is one of the great lost classics of 1960s television.”

Produced by the same team behind the animated lost Dad’s Army episode A Stripe For Frazer, the newly reconstructed episodes feature character designs from respected Doctor Who Magazine artists Martin Geraghty and Adrian Salmon.


The animation, lovingly recreated from surviving images and audio, will be released digitally on November 5, 50 years to the day since the serial’s initial airing on the BBC – even going live on the store at 5:50pm! A DVD release is scheduled for Monday 21st November (available to preorder now) and is a sure-fire Christmas winner!

Alongside the digital and DVD releases of the episodes, BFI Southbank will screen the first three episodes in a special showing on November 5, Anneke Wills, Charles Norton and Frazer Hines providing a Q&A session after the presentation. Please see for further information after September 19.

Power of the Daleks will be released digitally at 5:50pm on November 5 via the BBC store, with a DVD release following on November 21, preorders are available now via the Amazon link below.

Details for Complete Series 9 DVD/BluRay Revealed


BBC Worldwide have announced details of the forthcoming Complete Series 9 DVD and BluRay box-set, the set containing all 12 episodes from Peter Capaldi’s second series in the role with guest star’s Maisie Williams and Rufus Hound as well as the brilliant Missy (played by Michelle Gomez)


The Complete Boxset also contains the 2014 Christmas Special, Last Christmas and this year’s highly anticipated, The Husbands of River Song and more than four hours’ worth of extras.



Writing Who
The definitive guide for a would-be Doctor Who scriptwriter. We follow Sarah Dollard on her intricate journey to create her episode, Trap Street. From the highs of pitching her original idea to Steven Moffat, to the challenges of writing her first draft – faced with a blank page and typing Int. TARDIS Day – to seeing her episode becoming reality.

Dalek Devotion
Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat reveal the inspiration for the return of the Daleks to the incredible season opener of series 9, how their earliest memories have shaped their devotion to the ultimate killing machine, and the journey to the Dalek homeland of Skaro.

The Adventures of River Song
Join Alex Kingston and Steven Moffat as we look forward to River’s return in The Husbands of River Song. Find out how River’s character came to be created, why Alex just had to play the role, what happened when the cast discovered who River really is. Narrated by Nina Toussaint-White.

Clara’s Journey
In 2012, Jenna Coleman joined Doctor Who and took her place in television history as the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald. Having become the longest serving companion since the revival of the show, Clara’s time on the TARDIS has now come to an end, so we can now look back at just what made the Impossible Girl, well, possible. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. Narrated by Colin McFarlane.

Doctor Who: Sublime Online 
A video selection box of the funniest, most insightful and engaging online treats from behind the scenes of Series 9. With interviews and magical moments from Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat, and featuring a host of guest stars, including Maisie Williams, Michelle Gomez, Rufus Hound, Ingrid Oliver and Slipknot.

The Fan Show’s Finest
Christel Dee gives a whistle-stop guide to Doctor Who: The Fan Show the online series that celebrates Doctor Who and the amazing creativity of the show’s fans. We get a peek inside Steven Moffat’s writing lair, take a look into the Old Monster’s Retirement Home and step into the amazing world of Minecraft to find out how fans are celebrating their love for the show online. We even get face to face with the Doctor and Missy to ask them all the questions the fans want to know.

DVD Commentaries

Under the Lake and Before the Flood: actor Sophie Stone, writer Toby Whithouse, producer Derek Ritchie

The Woman Who Lived: actor Maisie Williams, producer Derek Ritchie

Sleep No More: actor Reece Shearsmith, writer Mark Gatiss

All The Doctor Who Extra’s from Series 9

The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s Familiar
Peter Capaldi reveals all, and shows off his guitar riffs, as we get the inside story on this stunning two-parter. Featuring additional interviews with Michelle Gomez and Steven Moffat.

Under the Lake & Before the Flood
Go backstage and meet some very ghastly monsters! Discover the secret of a special celebrity appearance as Paul Kaye welcomes us on location, and we reveal how to make a big splash on set. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, writer Toby Whithouse and production designer Michael Pickwoad.

The Girl Who Died & The Woman Who Lived
Maisie Williams talks about crossing fandoms, celebrates her birthday with an impromptu quiz, and generally everyone has a lot of fun, as Rufus Hound gives us a unique view of what it’s like to make Doctor Who. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi and Maisie Williams.

The Zygon Invasion & The Zygon Inversion
The Zygons are back! We discover how a Zygon keeps fit, and Ingrid Oliver tells of her delight at once more playing the Doctor’s biggest fan, Osgood! Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Ingrid Oliver.

Sleep No More
Mark Gatiss reveals the story behind the horror, Reece Shearsmith reviews the importance of space glasses, and we look at the challenges of making this unique episode. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat.

Face the Raven
Joivan Wade (Rigsy) is shocked to be back, but he’s not the only character to return for this unforgettable adventure, as we discover the perils of thinking you are invincible. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat.

Heaven Sent & Hell Bent
Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay reveal the challenges of creating the puzzle-box that is Heaven Sent, we get wind-blown in Fuerteventura, and we witness the departure of a companion as we go on set for Jenna Coleman’s last day of filming. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat and Rachel Talalay.

The Husbands of River Song
Matt Lucas is our guide as we join River Song, the Doctor and a star-liner full of supervillains for this festive Christmas special. We get the heads-up on the Hydroflax from Greg Davies, reveal Alex Kingston’s favourite Sonic, and we find out what Peter Capaldi is getting for Christmas. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Alex Kingston, and Steven Moffat.

Other VAM includes; the Series 9 US prequel – The Doctor’s Meditation, deleted Scenes, Series 8 recap and all Series 9 trailers and prologue, the 2015 San Diego Comic Con Panel and an interview with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman hosted by Wil Wheaton.


Doctor Who: The Complete Series 9 will be released on March 7 2016 in the UK and April 5 2016 in the USA and Canada.

Something in Ze Vorld Stopped It: Underwater Menace DVD Cancelled


Way back in January, Doctor Who Worldwide explored the troubled history of the Underwater Menace DVD release, from Episode 2‘s discovery in 2011 and the announcement that both the episode in question and Airlock, the missing third episode of Galaxy 4, would be given release dates later that year.



Airlock was released in March 2013 with no word as to when The Underwater Menace could be expected, the missing Episode 2 leaking to the internet just a few months later. By August the first concrete news on the release came from the Restoration Team as Steve Roberts stated he had no further commissions on the Doctor Who DVD range after the completion of The Moonbase and The Underwater Menace, both of which he was commissioned for “months ago” and all seemed to be going well as the RT posted images of their work on Twitter the coming month.

Following the return of The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World and subsequent release in October, the waters surrounding The Underwater Menace become murky as speculation arose that many more episodes were back, speculation that the episodes in question had been found only increasing after a certain missing episodes hunter told all and sundry that he wouldn’t bother with the a release containing animation, Steve Roberts meanwhile stating that they were “twiddling their thumbs” while waiting for the animated content from Planet 55 Studios,  the Beeb stating that:

“We have yet to confirm the exact content of this release or its release date. We hope to have more information in the Spring… The 2014 Classic Doctor Who schedule is still being worked on.”

By December of 2013, Dan Hall, commissioning editor of 2|entertain’s classic Doctor Who DVD range, seemed to indicate that the animation of the missing episodes had barely begun, stating that work on the release was in “the early stages,” the VAM having already seemingly been completed. Yet despite concerns, the BBC seemed confident of releasing the episodes, going as far as to include a trailer for the future release as part of January’s Moonbase release and making the DVD available for pre-order on (where it still remains today).

Fan cover for The Underwater Menace

Fan cover for The Underwater Menace

Confirmation that the issues with the release appeared to be at Planet 55’s end seemed to come in March 2014 when Steve Roberts stated that as far as he was aware the DVD was still going ahead, but Planet 55 were “working flat out” on their animation series in Australia and by May, the projected Spring/Summer release date seemed to have been taken off the table entirely with Doctor Who Magazine announcing the serial was still scheduled for release, but with no projected date beyond a vague “later this year.”

More black clouds loomed throughout the summer, not least when Roberts proclaimed the range dead in June:

“We’re the team that remasters the episodes for DVD release and even we don’t have a clue what’s going on with TUM now. From where we’re standing, it’s looking like the range is dead.”

In August it appeared that any hope for a release of The Underwater Menace was over when Planet 55 issued the following statement, suggesting they had never worked on The Underwater Menace at all and had no plans to do so in the future:

“There have been many queries about Planet 55 Studios’s work on Doctor Who and whether we are doing any more. To date, Planet 55 Studios has completed work on three Doctor Who animated reconstructions for BBC Worldwide’s DVD range: The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet and most recently The Moonbase. We really enjoyed creating those but they are the only Doctor Who stories Planet 55 Studios have worked on and there are no plans to work on any more. At the moment the company is focused on animation projects completely unconnected to Doctor Who.”

After all being quiet for month, in December of 2014, BBC Worldwide proclaimed it was hopeful of a release for the DVD in 2015, saying:

“We hope to release ‘The Underwater Menace’ in 2015. We delayed the release to ensure that our publishing schedule is phased appropriately across the year and the episodes will be animated.”

By as short a time as February of this year however, the BBC had removed The Underwater Menace from it’s DVD schedule for 2015 entirely. The Consumer Products Department issuing a statement which read:

“We appreciate that some Doctor Who fans are disappointed that we have not yet been able to release The Underwater Menace on DVD. We would like to reassure everyone that we are currently reviewing the best way to bring fans more Classic Doctor Who titles. Please bear with us – we’ll let you know more as soon as we can.”

There has been no movement on the issue since and the BBC are said to be “exploring options” for the future of the range with rumours of complete DVD Sets to echo those currently beginning release in Germany alongside further expansion into new mediums surrounding online streaming.

Whether The Underwater Menace will ever see a release on DVD, or any other future medium, is as ever up in the air, as is the reasons behind the delays and potential cancellation, a release unfortunately now seeming as distant as it’s ever been.

Anneke Wills for one wasn’t taking it laying down!

Anneke even going as far as signing a fan petition to get the Underwater Menace released:

At it’s close the petition had received 2,761 signatures and was submitted to BBC Worldwide on May 1. The petition’s organiser Chris McAleer said:

“Thanks so much to everyone who’s added their support over the past couple of months – thanks to your support and efforts in sharing information about the petition, we’ve collected over 2,750 signatures to help strengthen our case to BBC Worldwide…”


“If you’ve missed out on adding your support to the petition, or have supported the petition and are looking for other ways to show your support, please consider writing to BBC Worldwide directly about the issue. Even though the petition has now been submitted, direct contact is another key method for showing that there’s support for this title’s release on DVD. Enquiries about specific titles are passed on periodically within the organisation, so more enquiries shows there’s more demand for the DVD’s release!”

You can contact BBC Worldwide directly in any of the following ways:

Send a letter stating your support to the following address:

BBC Worldwide Ltd
Television Centre
101 Wood Lane
W12 7FA

Send an enquiry about the DVD to BBC Worldwide using their online contact form

Send a tweet to @bbcwpress, @classicdw and/or @bbcdoctorwho stating your support for the release – please include the hashtag #SaveTheFishPeople if you do!

The Troubled History of the Underwater Menace DVD Release


Rarely has an item of Doctor Who merchandise had such a troubled history of production as The Underwater Menace DVD. From originally being commissioned two years ago, the release has appeared in the release schedule and then frequently vanished with some regularity. Now, with the BBC indicating an intention to finally release the troubled serial sometime this year, lets take a look at the rocky road of the final chapter in the Doctor Who DVD range.

The saga begins as long ago as 2011 when on December 11 that year it was announced publicly that The Underwater Menace Episode 2 had been found alongside Episode 3 of William Hartnell’s Galaxy 4, the announcement coming at that year’s Missing Believed Wiped event. It was announced that details of future DVD releases for the episodes would be announced sometime in 2012.

Both episodes had already been recovered earlier that year when by lucky coincidence Ralph Montagu, the Radio Times’s head of heritage, struck up conversation with former TVS engineer Terry Burnett on Doctor Who, Burnett revealing he believed he had some old episodes of the series. The rest is history, Galaxy 4 3 being recovered first followed by The Underwater Menace 2 a few weeks later, both believed to have gone walkabout from a returned cache from ABC in the 1970s.

In March of 2013, Galaxy 4 Episode 3 was packaged with The Aztecs Special Edition for DVD release, a decision that drew a mixed response from fans and despite there being no announcement on a future Underwater Menace release, it was taken as a given the story would be released sometime in the near future.

The first signs of trouble surfaced that summer as in July the unreleased second episode was leaked to popular video sharing site Dailymotion. The quality of the leak has led many to conclude it came from within the BBC or associated figures, yet there has never been any indication as to who leaked the episode or for what purpose. It appears that the leak came while work was being carried out for an eventual DVD release however, Steve Roberts stating in August that he had no further commissions after he completed delivery on The Moonbase and The Underwater Menace, both of which he was commissioned for “months ago”, suggesting the DVD of The Underwater Menace may have been green-lighted sometime in the spring of 2013.

The Doctor Who Restoration Team duly posted images from their work on Twitter in September and all appears to be running smoothly for the release, with Menace seemingly scheduled as the last release in the range following The Moonbase:

In October 2013 however it was announced that The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World had been returned to the BBC from Jos in Nigeria, rumours of a find having set forums ablaze all year as part of the “omnirumour.” While the enormity of the rumours is too grand to delve into here, general feeling was that more (if not much much more) was still to come, many sources and professionals being led to believe the same thing. The truth of the matter is a subject still being debated, indeed recovery of the rest of The Underwater Menace was often mentioned by leading “sources” on the subject, some even giving details on how the other episodes were damaged or unrecoverable.

No matter the rumours however, the sudden inclusion of The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World threw the DVD schedule out of the window, The Moonbase being bumped for the inclusion of Enemy (and apparently to allow animation to be completed, though whether that was a cover story all along is unknown) and the BBC saying in November: “We have yet to confirm the exact content of this release or its release date. We hope to have more information in the Spring… The 2014 Classic Doctor Who schedule is still being worked on.” and Steve Roberts indicating that the issue was at Planet 55s end, claiming the Restoration Team were sat “twiddling their thumbs” as they waited for animation to come in from the studio.

Further concern would be raised in December as Dan Hall stated that work on the release was in “the early stages,” presumably referring to the Planet 55 animation as opposed to the VAM which had already seemingly been completed. Despite a trailer being released for The Underwater Menace as part of January’s Moonbase release, by March Steve Roberts seemed unsure of the release even happening, stating that as far as he was aware the DVD was still going ahead, but Planet 55 were “working flat out” on their animation series in Australia. While it had been said Planet 55 were under exclusive contract to animate the serial and unfortunately couldn’t spare the time to complete the project, could that fully explain the lengthy delay?

The projected Spring/Summer 2014 release date is thrown completely out of the window by May when Doctor Who Magazine announce the serial is still scheduled for release, but with no projected date beyond a vague “later this year,” also stating Episodes 1 and 4 are to be “reconstructed using audio soundtracks.” Despite opening preorders however, the confusion over the release continues as Steve Roberts states in June that “We’re the team that remasters the episodes for DVD release and even we don’t have a clue what’s going on with TUM now. From where we’re standing, it’s looking like the range is dead.”

In August it appeared the final nail had been put in the coffin, at least for a partially animated release, when Planet 55 issued the following statement, suggesting they had never worked on The Underwater Menace at all and had no plans to do so:

“There have been many queries about Planet 55 Studios’s work on Doctor Who and whether we are doing any more. To date, Planet 55 Studios has completed work on three Doctor Who animated reconstructions for BBC Worldwide’s DVD range: The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet and most recently The Moonbase. We really enjoyed creating those but they are the only Doctor Who stories Planet 55 Studios have worked on and there are no plans to work on any more. At the moment the company is focused on animation projects completely unconnected to Doctor Who.”

After no news for months, news on the release sprang forth, the BBC stating in December that the release was now scheduled for 2015 and that the decision to delay the DVD had been a marketing decision. They said:

“We hope to release ‘The Underwater Menace’ in 2015. We delayed the release to ensure that our publishing schedule is phased appropriately across the year and the episodes will be animated.”

Whether the release will ever see the light of day is something few fans would be willing to bet on given its turbulent history and frequent false hopes, yet with the BBC sounding somewhat positive (despite only hoping the serial will be released) it is certainly a step-up from the days it appeared the release had been cancelled entirely. Maybe one day the full story of this most troubled release will be told.. was it rumours of The Underwater Menace being found that caused the issues? Planet 55 simply being unable to complete their animation in the required length of time? contractual issues? who knows, but hopefully fans will get a chance to see this earliest example of the great Patrick Troughton sometime this year.

Nothink in ze vorld can schtop it now!!!

2015 Year Preview: Series 9 News and Speculation, New Merchandise: 12th Audio Exclusives, PDA Readings, Big Finish Third Doctor Adventures and Much More


After a “game changing” 2014 that saw the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, the World Tour, a successful Series 8 and so much more, what can we expect to make the headlines in 2015? lets take a brief look at some of the events, releases and things we expect in the year ahead, with a healthy dose of speculation thrown into the mix.

With principal photography beginning today on Series 9 (for Episode 4), it appears that the upcoming series will be following a vaguely similar path to 2014, with the cast and crew of the series shooting over the next few months for a late-summer or early autumn broadcast. Deep Breath aired on the second to final Saturday of August 2014 and it would be no surprise if Series 9 repeated the schedule.

pcThe opening episode of the series will be called The Magician’s Apprentice as we know, written by Steven Moffat. While nothing more is known about the episode, Deep Breath of course ran for 75 minutes to open the last Series and whether The Magician’s Apprentice will similarly have an extended runtime is mere speculation. That said, director Daniel O’Hara’s online CV states he is working on two 60 minute episodes of the show this year. There is however nothing to suggest this is not a mistake, nor that his episodes include the opener.

Series 8 gained some level of criticism in the national press, who, despite positive reviews, took issue with the show’s new “dark” outlook and raised the old “no longer suitable for the little ones” argument alongside highlighting complaints from a mere handful of viewers. While much of the criticism may stem from general hostility toward the BBC, it remains to be seen if there is any change in ethos for the new series following the coverage, or whether the hostility dissipates in 2015.

While Jenna Coleman may have finally decided to stay with the Doctor Who for Series 9, we wouldn’t think she will stay beyond the series and would expect Clara to be written out following either the series finale or 2015 Christmas special. With the Doctor referring to his look as “magician” several times during last years run, we wonder whether the “magician’s apprentice” of the series opener may refer to the introduction of a second companion.

master-21In terms of guests, we wouldn’t be willing to bet against a return for the Paternoster Gang, nor Michelle Gomez as Missy/The Master after the latter hinted she was to return to the show in the future. The Daleks seem contractually obliged to appear and Alex Kingston has hinted she may yet return in a recent interview, but we believe that story to be wrapped up. That is unless of course we see familiar faces as a tribute of sorts to the ongoing series’ tenth anniversary, outside of a full-blown anniversary special which doesn’t seem to be in the works. Whether the series arc focuses on the “hunt for Gallifrey” may depend on producer Steven Moffat’s future as you have to believe he will want to wrap the loose ends up before any departure.

Given the last series’ record popularity in the United States and elsewhere abroad, we hope to see more promotion beyond our shores and possibly a repeat to last years World Tour, there is nothing to suggest yet that will be the case but continuing foreign promotion will surely still be high on the agenda in the coming year.

In news outside of Series 9, it was an immense year for Big Finish Productions in 2014 with 2015 set to be even bigger!

Kicking off the year in style, Andrew Smith returns to his roots in January’s Mistfall featuring the return of the Marshmen alongside Nicholas Brigg’s Exillons and the first two of four Virgin adaptations – The English Way of Death and The Romance of Crime. The Gareth Roberts pair will be joined in May by The Well-Mannered War (also by Roberts) and Russell T. Davies’ Damaged Goods.

Other highlights to watch out for include the return of Omega in Gallifrey: Intervention Earth, more Jago & Litefoot, Dark Eyes 4, the fourth Tom Baker series (including a return to Telos), the Locum Doctors Trilogy, the return of the Daleks alongside Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford, more Rani in November, more Early Adventures, The Third Doctor Adventures with Tim Treloar, plus much much more.

fourthdoctorandcybermencopy_cover_largeIn other merchandising we can expect further releases in the Twelfth Doctor range from BBC Books, the collected Time Trips in March and the James Goss adaptation of City of Death in May.

Other audio releases throughout the year include unabridged releases of Corpse Marker, Last of the Gaderene, The Roundheads, Human Nature, Frontios, The Deadly Assassin, Full Circle, The Two Doctors, the Massacre and last years Twelfth Doctor releases. There will also be the first Twelfth Doctor audio exclusives – Gods of Winter by James Goss and The House of Winter by George Mann.

Should the wind be blowing in the right direction, we may even get the partially animated Underwater Menace!

Heres to what looks certain to be a fantastic year in the world of Doctor Who!

Thank you for joining us on the journey.

The Underwater Menace DVD For 2015, Lethbridge-Stewart Book Series


In the latest chapter of the ongoing Underwater Menace saga, BBC Worldwide have given an optimistic sounding statement indicating a 2015 release, yet still only “hope to release” the title as opposed to a definite statement on the matter. The BBC said:

“We hope to release ‘The Underwater Menace’ in 2015. We delayed the release to ensure that our publishing schedule is phased appropriately across the year and the episodes will be animated.”

Whether this indicates that more classic series releases of some kind will be in the publishing schedule is unknown, but it does happily confirm that the missing episodes from the 1967 serial will indeed be animated.

In other exciting classic series news, Candy Jar Books have announced the publication of a new series of novels featuring Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, as played on television by the great Nicholas Courtney (more famously by his future rank of Brigadier).


Created by Web of Fear writers Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln and played by Nicholas Courtney, the character is one of the iconic recurring characters of Doctor Who’s original 1963 – 1989 run, appearing alongside six Doctors on-screen (the only time we’ll ever count Dimensions in Time in anything!) and seven if including Big Finish Productions.

The character debuted in the aforementioned Web of fear in 1968 and last appeared in some form at the climax of this years Death in Heaven.

The series, comprising four books released quarterly, is set following Web and prior to the character’s promotion to Brigadier as seen in the Season Six classic The Invasion.

  • The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen
  • Horror of Det-Sen by Lance Parkin
  • The Schizoid Earth by David A McIntee
  • Mutually Assured Domination by Nick Walters

The Forgotten Son


The Great Intelligence has been defeated. And Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart’s world has changed.

For Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart his life in the Scots Guard was straightforward enough; rising in the ranks through nineteen years of military service. But then his regiment was assigned to help combat the Yeti incursion in London, the robotic soldiers of an alien entity known as the Great Intelligence. For Lethbridge-Stewart, life would never be the same again.

Now he has a mammoth task ahead of him – the repopulating of London; millions of civilians need to be returned home after being evacuated so suddenly. On top of that, he also has his engagement to think about.

Meanwhile in the small Cornish village of Bledoe a man is haunted by the memory of an accident thirty years old. The Hollow Man of Remington Manor seems to have woken once more. And in Coleshill, Buckinghamshire, Mary Gore is plagued by the voice of a small boy, calling her home.

What connects these strange events to the recent Yeti incursion, and just what has it all to do with Lethbridge-Stewart?

The Horror of Det-Sen

To convince his superiors of the alien threat, Lethbridge-Stewart travels to the Himalayas with Professor Travers.

The Schizoid Earth

Lethbridge-Stewart finds himself trapped in a past that never happened.

Mutually Assured Domination

Dominex Industries – KEEP OUT! Trespassers will be DESTROYED!

A brand-new series of novels set just after the Doctor Who serial The Web of Fear, featuring the characters and concepts created by Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln.

Available to pre-order from: price 8.99 plus postage. Also available as part of a bundle:

Bundle 1 (Get all four as they are released)
For the reduced price of £35 you can receive all four Lethbridge-Stewart books before general release.

Bundle 2 (Get Companions now)
Pre-order Lethbridge-Stewart: The Forgotten Son
 and get Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants for just £6 straight away.



U.S. Series 8 Blu-Ray Details Released


DoctorWhoS8Synopsis: The new era of Doctor Who delivered the highest rated season premiere ever on BBC America. In the feature-length premiere, the new Doctor crash-lands in Victorian London. As Clara struggles to recognize the man she thought she knew so well, killers are stalking the capital. A slaughterhouse restaurant and a buried spaceship lead the Doctor into a confrontation with a long forgotten foe… but how far is this new man ready to go to protect his friends?

The new season sees the Doctor and Clara encounter wonders and horrors. They meet a fleet of Daleks as they attempt to rescue a stranded ship of human survivors, face ranks of Cybermen stalking the Earth, go back in time and join Robin Hood in a fight with killer robots in Sherwood Forest, become bank robbers when they break into the deadliest bank in the cosmos, face a mummy on the Orient Express, discover a deadly horror dwelling on the Moon, and come to know the last man standing at the end of the Universe. And as Clara falls for handsome fellow teacher, Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson), can she keep her two extraordinary lives going?

Episodes List:

1. Deep Breath
2. Into the Dalek
3. Robot of Sherwood
4. Listen
5. Time Heist
6. The Caretaker
7. Kill the Moon
8. Mummy on the Orient Express
9. Flatline
10. In the Forest of the Night
11. Dark Water
12. Death in Heaven

Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series is presented in 1080p with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround.


Special Features:

Exclusive footage from London Post-Premiere Q&A with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat
Exclusive Doctor Who Episode Commentaries:

  • Into the Dalek
  • Robot of Sherwood
  • The Caretaker
  • Kill the Moon

12 Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes
Exclusive Doctor Who Specials:

  • Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord (with Fifth Doctor Peter Davison)
  • Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion (also with Davison)
  • Doctor Who: Earth Conquest (World Tour Documentary)

Tour of the TARDIS
Doctor Who: Deep Breath Live Pre-Show & “After Who Live,” hosted by comedian and Doctor Who superfan Chris Hardwick
FOXES: “Don’t Stop Me Now” (Music video from “Mummy on the Orient Express”)

Doctor Who Series 8 is in store December 9 across the United States

Series 7 of Doctor Who Comes to Netflix


Series 7 of Doctor Who will be available on Netflix in the UK from October 2.

Series 7 was the show’s third and final series to feature Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams respectfully. Gillan and Darvill departed the series in Episode 5 The Angels Take Manhattan, after which Jenna Coleman joined the TARDIS as Clara Oswald.

Doctor Who will be joined on Netflix in October by the third series’ of Homeland, American Horror Story and Fresh Meat.

Samuel Anderson Speaks on Orson Pink, Censored Robot of Sherwood for Series 8 BluRay/DVD


Samuel Anderson has revealed that he had no idea he would be playing Orson Pink in Listen until the last possible moment.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Samuel said:

“I found out I was playing a second character on the day of the read-through. The script came out really late so I was on the train trying to learn my bit, trying not to sound too rubbish. I whizzed through the script then went straight back to my part. It wasn’t until we started the actual read-through at a normal pace that it dawned on me, ‘oh that’s me’. No[body noticed], thank god. I blagged it, I did some blagging. It required some serious acting.”

The full article, where Samuel reveals how he is “still learning the world of the Who” and talks being spotted on the bus can be read Here

In other news, BBC Worldwide will only be including the cut version of Robot of Sherwood as part of the Series 8 DVD/BluRay Box Set later this year.

Cut to remove a beheading scene in light of recent actions by Islamic State (IS), the BBC originally removed the scene toward the episode’s climax “out of respect” for American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

There had been some hope the episode would be restored for home media release, yet inquiries to the BBC reveal the Beeb “will be releasing the broadcast version” this November.

Doctor Who Series 8 will be released on DVD and BluRay on November 17 in the UK, it can be preordered via the Amazon link below.