Final Ratings for The Husbands of River Song Released


The final consolidated ratings for The Husbands of River Song have been released, showing an overall increase of well over a million viewers on the original overnights.

The Christmas special scored a final rating of 7.69m viewers, placing it 5th for Christmas Day (discounting HM the Queen’s Christmas message) and 5th for the day on BBC One. Doctor Who beat the Christmas Day editions of ratings juggernauts Eastenders and Coronation Street and scored the show’s highest ratings of 2015.


Christmas Day Ratings Chart

1: Downton Abbey (ITV) – 10.92m
2: Mrs Brown’s Boys (BBC) – 9.49m
3: Call the Midwife (BBC) -9.30m
4: Stick Man (BBC) – 9.28m
5: Strictly Come Dancing (BBC) -8.54m
-: The Queen’s Christmas Message (BBC/ITV) – 7.76m
6: Doctor Who (BBC) – 7.69m
7: Eastenders (BBC) – 7.67m
8: Coronation Street (ITV) – 7.28m


Audience Appreciation for The Husbands of River Song Revealed


The Husbands of River Song scored an audience appreciation index score of 82.

The Appreciation Index or AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme. The score, out of a hundred, is compiled by a specially selected panel of around 5,000 people who go online and rate and comment on programmes.

An AI of 82 is the average rating for all drama across the BBC and the equal of last year’s Last Christmas, the highest appreciation figure of the evening went to Call the Midwife with a score of 88.

Comparison Chart

The Christmas Invasion Audience Appreciation: 84
The Runaway Bride Audience Appreciation: 84
Voyage of the Damned Audience Appreciation: 86
The Next Doctor Audience Appreciation: 86
The End of Time Part One Audience Appreciation: 87
A Christmas Carol Audience Appreciation: 83
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe Audience Appreciation: 84
The Snowmen Audience Appreciation: 87
The Time of the Doctor Audience Appreciation: 83
Last Christmas Audience Appreciation: 82

Husbands of River Song Overnight Ratings Revealed


The UK overnight ratings for last night’s Christmas special The Husbands of River Song have been revealed.

Doctor Who placed 7th for the evening across all channels with 5.8 million watching. Doctor Who was placed 5th for the day on BBC.

The Christmas Day chart

Downton Abbey 6.9m
Strictly Come Dancing 6.5m
Mrs Brown’s Boys  6.4m
Stick Man 6.4m
Corronation Street 5.9m
Call the Midwife 5.8m
Doctor Who 5.8m
EastEnders 5.7m
Brave 5.5m

In 2014, Last Christmas placed 7th in the overnights with 6.3m viewers, but viewing figures were down across the board with no show passing the 7m viewers mark whereas in 2014 the top three all surpassed the mark.

Total viewing figures will of course rise when a final consolidated rating is released next week.


Last Christmas places Ninth in iPlayer Ratings Christmas Chart


The 2014 Christmas special Last Christmas finished in ninth place on the BBC iPlayer Christmas chart, bringing in an extra 1.07m viewers.

Winning the iPlayer ratings battle for the past two Christmases, Doctor Who was beaten in the chart by the controversial Argentinan jaunt by Jeremy Clarkson and crew on Top Gear, by four episodes of Eastenders, by the Christmas Day edition of Miranda and The Apprentice Series Finale.

The BBC have reported a record 227m iPlayer requests across December (excluding people using the device on Sky and Virgin Media), up a huge 25% on the previous year.

Full Chart Top 10

  1. Top Gear Patagonia Special, Part 1, 2.08 million
  2. EastEnders, Christmas Day, 1.69 million
  3. Top Gear Patagonia Special, Part 2, 1.55 million
  4. EastEnders, Boxing Day, 1.43 million
  5. The Apprentice final, December 21, 1.31 million
  6. Miranda, Christmas Day, 1.26 million
  7. EastEnders, December 23, 1.15 million
  8. EastEnders, December 24, 1.11 million
  9. Doctor Who, Christmas Day, 1.07 million
  10. The Boy In The Dress, Boxing Day, 1.06 million

Series 8 BBC America’s Most Popular Series of Doctor Who, Cable & Social Media Number 1


The 8th Series of Doctor Who has broken the record and become the highest rated series of Doctor Who broadcast on BBC America.

The series, broadcast last year and starring Peter Capaldi in the title role, scored an average overall audience of 2.04 million viewers in Live+3 for each episode, showing further growth in the brand in the United States.

The good news continues as Last Christmas received 2.31 million viewers to become the number one non-sports broadcast on all cable in its time period amongst adults aged 25-54. The special had 1.3 million adults aged 25-54 in Live+3 and finished on a total of 2.62 million total viewers in Live+3 with a combination of the the 9pm premiere and the 11:45pm and 2:30am replays.

The audience more than doubles the number pulled in by Matt Smith’s A Christmas Carol in 2010.

In terms of social media, BBC America was the No. 1 network on Twitter and Tumblr, with Last Christmas being the No. 1 non-sports primetime show on both platforms for all of television on Christmas Day. Doctor Who is also one of Twitter’s 10 most-tweeted original dramas for all of cable in 2014.

Final Consolidated Ratings for Last Christmas Released


The final consolidated Christmas Day ratings in the UK show a dramatic increase in viewers for the 2014 Christmas special, Last Christmas.

Gaining 1.94m extra viewers, the episode finishes sixth for the day with 8.28m viewers, behind the heavily promoted Eastenders in 5th with 8.60m viewers (up 1.05m on the overnights) and ahead of Coronation Street‘s 8.01m viewers including those viewing on +1.

Christmas Top 10

  • 1: Mrs Brown’s Boys – 9.69m (up 2.08m)
  • 2: Call the Midwife – 9.41m (up 2.78m)
  • 3: Strictly Come Dancing – 8.98m (up 2m)
  • 4: Miranda – 8,65m (up 1.98m)
  • 5: Eastenders – 8.60m (up 1.05m)
  • 6: Doctor Who – 8.28m (up 1.94m)
  • 7: Coronation Street – 8.01m (up 1.39m)
  • 8: Downton Abbey – 7.66m (up 1.82m)
  • 9: Emmerdale – 6.71m (up 1m)
  • 10: The Queen – 5.97m (up 0.26m)

Last Christmas UK Overnight Ratings Revealed, Analysis


Last Christmas scored an overnight rating of 6.3m viewers (27.5% share), placing seventh for the night.

Doctor Who was beaten in the overnights by Coronation Street, Miranda, Call the Midwife, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders and Mrs Brown’s Boys.

There are few comparisons that can be fairly made given Time of the Doctor‘s special status as Matt Smith’s finale and the nature of on-demand television growing massively since just two years ago, but here’s some statistics:

Overnight Share Placing for the evening
Last Christmas 6.3m 27.5% Seventh
The Time of the Doctor 8.3m 30.7m Joint second (first with +1)
The Snowmen 7.59m 33.9% Fifth
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe 8.9m 34.2% Third
A Christmas Carol 10.3m 39.8% Fourth
Death in Heaven 5.45m 23.3% Third


As is always the case with statistics, one can read them in any way to make a point.

Ratings are up on the season finale Death in Heaven, yet down considerably on last year’s Christmas special. Yet was Time of the Doctor a special case? being Matt Smith’s final episode, argument could be made it is an aberration and if Time is not included in the figures, Christmas Special overnights have fallen year on year since the start of the decade.

While catch-up via the iPlayer has massively increased in recent years, the show placed lowest in the charts for all comparisons mentioned, below shows broadcast immediately before and after Last Christmas. Does the number of people watching on iPlayer mean Doctor Who is “missable” TV, where-as Call the Midwife and Miranda are not? how many are watching a second time as many fans do?

Yet 6.3m is still an excellent figure for Christmas Day and nothing to be sniffed at. After the astronomical ratings of the RTD and Smith years, maybe fans are getting too jittery about what are still very good numbers. We always worry about ratings!

Final Christmas figures will be released in a weeks time.

Overnight Ratings for Death in Heaven Rise Again, Highest Since Deep Breath


The BARB overnight ratings for Death in Heaven have been released and show an increase on Dark Water, pulling in 5.45m viewers or 23.3% of the viewing audience, ending the series on a high note.

Dark Water received 5.27m viewers (22.4% share), meaning Death in Heaven is the highest overnight rating since Deep Breath which hit 6.8m viewers.

Doctor Who was the third highest rated programme of the evening behind Strictly Come Dancing with 9.37m viewers and a 42.8% share and The X-Factor which drew 8.00m with a 34.4% share.

A final consolidated figure for Death in Heaven including all iPlayer viewings will be released in a weeks time.

Dark Water Audience Appreciation Rises, Matches Series Highs


Dark Water scored an Audience Appreciation Index or AI score of 85, up 2 points on last week’s In the Forest of the Night, it matches the joint series high alongside Mummy on the Orient Express and Flatline.

The Appreciation Index or AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme. The score, out of a hundred, is compiled by a specially selected panel of around 5,000 people who go online and rate and comment on programmes.

An AI of 82 is the average rating for all drama across the BBC.

Series 8: Final Ratings and AI Figures
Final Rating Audience Appreciation
Deep Breath 9.17m 82
Into the Dalek 7.29m 84
Robot of Sherwood 7.28m 82
Listen 7.01m 82
Time Heist 6.99m 84
The Caretaker 6.82m 83
Kill the Moon 6.91m 82
Mummy on the Orient Express 7.11m 85
Flatline 6.71m 85
In the Forest of the Night 6.92m 83
Dark Water TBA 85