Video: Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston Introduce The Husbands of River Song


The BBC have released the video introduction to this year’s Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song, brought to us by Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston.

The video can be watched via the BBC’s official Doctor Who YouTube channel below:


New Introduction to Mummy on the Orient Express Video Released


The BBC have released an introduction to Mummy on the Orient Express featuring comments from Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi. The video can be watched via the official BBC YouTube channel below.

Mummy on the Orient Express airs tomorrow, October 11, on BBC One and BBC HD at 8:35pm and on BBC America at 9pm EST.

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New Introduction to Series 8 Video, Steven Moffat Speaks on Leaks


The BBC have released an introduction to Series 8 featuring Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

The 2-minute short covers what fans can expect from the new series including the return of the Daleks and another old foe, Steven Moffat saying:

“We’ve got some cracking new monsters, the Teller… nd we’ve got some cracking old monsters, the Daleks will be back, another major foe will be making a return, but more of that later.”

The Cybermen have of course already been officially announced for the series finale… but does Steven mean somebody or something else? hmmmmm


In further Steven Moffat news, the Producer has spoken out on the recent spate of leaks from Series 8 and revealed how the Doctor Who team was miserable about the affair.

Speaking to Radio 1, The Moff seemed to have taken the incident with some humour, comparing the ongoing episode by episode leak to being “a Brazilian goalkeeper”

“We were absolutely miserable. It was always portrayed as we were all storming around shouting at people, we weren’t, we just all sat there going ‘Ohhh no, how many?'”

Moffat also revealed he didn’t believe the leaks would have any adverse effects of ratings for the coming series:

“In the end, what does it matter? most people didn’t watch it and everybody who watched it will watch it again”

The full clip can be seen o the Newsbeat section of the BBC website Here