Video: Peter Capaldi Says What Classic Series Monsters He’d Like to See Return


Peter Capaldi has stated which Classic Series monsters he’d like to see return to the show in a video released by the BBC, including some Pertwee classics.. and maybe a surprising entry from the Hartnell era!

The video can be watched via the official BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel below:


Video: Michelle Gomez Answers More Questions From You, The Fans


BBC America have released the second part of their #AskDW interview with Missy actress Michelle Gomez, answering questions on her most challenging scene and her experiences with fans.

The video can be watched via the official BBC America YouTube channel below and the first part can be watched here.

Video: Peter Capaldi Names His Favourite Classic Series Episodes


Peter Capaldi has named his favourite Classic Series episodes in a video released by the BBC.

The Twelfth Doctor actor, a noted long-time fan of the show, names both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker classics amongst his picks as well as two from the Hartnell era. Watch the video via the official BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel to find out which!

Mark Gatiss Answers Questions on Missy, Female Doctor, More


BBC America have released the second part of a new interview with writer Mark Gatiss, answering questions put to him by Doctor Who fans themselves, all part of their ongoing AskDW series.

The video can be watched via BBC America’s official YouTube channel below:

The first part of the #AskDW interview with Mark can also be found below:

All “Extra” Videos For Hell Bent, Maisiecam, Capaldi & Coleman Speak


The BBC have released a series of short videos surrounding the production of Hell Bent, including comments from Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, alongside #Maisiecam featuring Ashildr actress Maisie Williams. You can watch the videos via the BBC’s official YouTube channel below.


What classic monsters would Peter Capaldi like to return?

Jenna Coleman’s funniest moment

Jenna Coleman’s hardest scene

Jenna Looks Back “The Best Part Of My Life”


Ashildr from the Future

Maisie the Flying Drone

The Truth Behind the TARDIS


A sneak peek of The Doctor’s new Sonic Screwdriver

How to build a TARDIS in 50 seconds

Mark Gatiss Picks His Favourites – Doctor, Episode, Companion, Talks Biggest Fan Behind the Scenes


Doctor Who writer and the co-creator of Sherlock Mark Gatiss has given a new interview to the FX Channel in India, all part of the promotion for the series’ debut on the channel earlier this month.

Gatiss, who has numerous Who credits under his belt, most recently Robot of Sherwood, was asked who his favourite Doctor is, being somewhat noncommittal… but picking out the well-regarded Crimson Horror as his personal favourite piece of work for the show on television:

[fbvideo link=”” width=”700″ onlyvideo=”1″]

The writer lauds praise on the Weeping Angels as the scariest Doctor Who monsters as well as both Billie Piper and Catherine Tate, Rose Tyler and Donna Noble respectively alongside David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor:

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Turning to India, Mark says that he has ideas for a story set in the country and has a special message for all the fans out there:

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Doctor Who is broadcast on the FX Channel in India every night at 9pm.

Peter Capaldi to Appear on Series Premiere of The Graham Norton Show


Peter Capaldi will be appearing as one of the guests on the first episode of the new series of The Graham Norton Show.

Set to air on September 26, the Series 16 premiere will also feature Denzel Washington and Gemma Arterton.

Doctor Who last featured on the show in November of last year when David Tennant and Matt Smith featured as guests prior to The Day of the Doctor, available to view via the official BBC YouTube Channel below: